Jackson Boone to Honor Alan Kulwicki at North Wilkesboro

Boone's car honors the 1992 Cup Champion in the Super Late Model return to North Wilkesboro.


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Nashville, Tennessee (August 10, 2022) – Franklin, Tennessee’s Jackson Boone is a finalist in the 2022 Kulwicki Driver Development Program and found it very fitting to honor one of his racing heroes during the CRA Super Series and Southern Super Series combined event at North Wilkesboro Speedway on Saturday.

While North Wilkesboro continues its Racetrack Revival events into the early fall, Boone and his Fat Head Racing Team, led by Jamie Yelton, have entered the No. 7 Super Late Model in Saturday’s Super Late Model race.

The former Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway track champion began to wonder how to honor someone that was, and still is, so integral in the success of many young race car drivers on such a visible stage. Today he announced that he will run not one, but two Alan Kulwicki tribute paint schemes on Saturday.

“The story behind this scheme is pretty cool. My designer, Josh Lunt, came up with the idea to split the car down the middle. Both schemes tell a different part of the story, and both schemes have their own character. The right side of the car represents an Alan that was trying to make it in the sport and create a name for himself. It represents the extreme amount of hard work he put in to compete with other drivers. The Hooters™ scheme on the left side represents the champion mentality that he carried, even though he was underfunded and never had the same resources other teams did.”

“Being a champion doesn’t consist of your accolades, it’s a mindset. So having both of these schemes isn’t just some kind of pointless marketing ploy for us. It means something.”

Boone says he’s beyond thrilled to carry the schemes of the late Kulwicki, and especially at one of the most sacred tracks in NASCAR history.

“I am super thrilled to be able to carry Alan’s colors this weekend at what I consider to be one of the more nostalgic tracks to have ever been made. The history behind this place is amazing and it blows my mind to think I am literally driving a car recognizing someone whom I have idolized in the racing world ever since I knew what NASCAR even was.”

Jackson said with the team experiencing some bad luck during his last few races, he is hopeful that the new schemes will bring the team a wave of new fortune and emphasized how confident he is in his race team and that they are all optimistic about a great weekend.

The Northwest Automotive 75 activity kicks off on Friday with practice, qualifying and 10-lap Super Late Model heat races. Saturday’s 75-lap feature gets underway at 8 p.m. Eastern and will be streamed live at RacingAmerica.com.

-Jackson Boone Racing Press Release/Standing Ovation PR

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