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Starting Lineup: 2024 New Year's Bash at Dillon Motor Speedway

Ronnie Bassett, Jr. will lead the 36-driver field to the green for Sunday's 100-lap New Year's Bash at Dillon Motor Speedway.


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The 36-driver starting lineup for the 2024 New Year's Bash at Dillon Motor Speedway is officially set, after the running of two 25-lap B-Main events on Sunday in Dillon, South Carolina.

After posting the fastest times in Saturday's qualifying session, Ronnie Bassett, Jr. and Ricky Locklair will lead the field to green for the 100-lap Street Stock feature event at the 4/10th-mile racetrack.

Chris Buffone, Austin Somero, Alby Ovitt, Alex Weber, Jeff Sparks, Tommy O'Sullivan, Gary Ledbetter, and Kyle Lynch will make up the first five rows to begin the main event on Sunday.

The top-20 drivers from Saturday's time trial sessions locked themselves into the main event, by qualifying speed, while the remaining drivers were forced to run the Last Chance Qualifiers.

But, that was before the driver's meeting took place on Sunday -- where it was announced that all drivers who entered the New Year's Bash, would take the green for the 100-lap main event, with the B-Main events setting the lineup for Rows 11 through 18.

Adam Cartwright, who posted the 21st-fastest qualifying time on Saturday, dominated the opening B-Main event, and put himself in the same position for the feature event, by winning the first B-Main.

Ricky Locklair, Sr., driver of the No 50, was able to take the victory in the second B-Main event, putting himself on the outside of Row 11 to start the event.

Starting Lineup: 2024 New Year's Bash

162Ronnie BassettQualifying - 1st
212Ricky LocklairQualifying - 2nd
32Chris BuffoneQualifying - 3rd
49Austin SomeroQualifying - 4th
548Alby OvittQualifying - 5th
6017Alex WeberQualifying - 6th
707WHJeff SparksQualifying - 7th
84ORGTommy O'SullivanQualifying - 8th
94BLGary LedbetterQualifying - 9th
1016Kyle LynchQualifying - 10th
1196Maxx PorterQualifying - 11th
124BTChris RiendeauQualifying - 12th
1325RDJosh SageQualifying - 13th
147Joel PontbriandQualifying - 14th
1597Adam GrayQualifying - 15th
1612Cody DemarmelsQualifying - 16th
1711BLCorey FlanningQualifying - 17th
1827David ThomasQualifying - 18th
1951Joshua WayQualifying - 19th
2025BLJosh WayQualifying - 20th
2142Adam Cartwright1st - B-Main #1
2250Ricky Locklair, Sr.1st - B-Main #2
23B00Nathaniel Carlisle2nd - B-Main #1
2407BLMike Cooper2nd - B-Main #2
250Adam Rowe3rd - B-Main #1
2621Brian Brown3rd - B-Main #2
2767Eric Plemmons4th - B-Main #1
287BLShane Gembrom4th - B-Main #2
2911Josh Lundy5th - B-Main #1
3013Steve Worthington5th - B-Main #2
3104Shawn Swallow6th - B-Main #1
3214Darrin Wilson6th - B-Main #2
3349Jeff Melton7th - B-Main #1
3418Robert Filipiak7th - B-Main #2
3520Rob Sullivan8th - B-Main #1
3605Luter Johnson8th - B-Main #2