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Ronnie Bassett, Jr. Scores Commanding Pole for 2024 New Year's Bash

By more than two-tenths of a second, Ronnie Bassett, Jr. topped qualifying for Sunday's New Year's Bash at Dillon Motor Speedway.


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Ronnie Bassett, Jr. has completely blown the doors off his competition during qualifying for the 2024 New Year's Bash at Dillon Motor Speedway.

The 28-year-old driver, who throughout his career has made appearances in divisions as high as the NASCAR Xfinity Series, posted a time of 17.870 seconds, scoring the pole for Sunday's 100-lap Street Stock feature event.

Ricky Locklair, No. 12, qualified in the runner-up position for Sunday's event, posting a lap time that clocked in 0.222 seconds behind the polesitter, a delta that would cover from second to ninth place in the qualifying results.

Chris Buffone was the third-quickest driver in Saturday's single-vehicle qualifying session, while Austin Somero (fourth) and Alby Ovitt (fifth) rounded out the top five.

Alex Weber slotted into sixth place on the timesheet, with Jeff Sparks, Tommy O'Sullivan, Gary Ledbetter, and Kyle Lynch occupying the top-10 positions of the 36 entries that posted a time around the 4/10-mile oval.

Maxx Porter, Chris Riendeau, Josh Sage, Joel Pontbriand, Adam Gray, Cody Demarmels, Corey Flanning, David Thomas, Joshua Way, and Josh Way each earned their way into the New Year's Bash, by posting a top-20 qualifying time.

Adam Cartwright and Mike Cooper -- the 21st and 22nd-fastest drivers in qualifying -- will lead the remainder of the drivers not yet locked into the 100-lap feature event to the green in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Darrin Wilson, piloting the No. 14, was the slowest of the drivers to tackle Dillon Motor Speedway for qualifying on Saturday, after he broke loose of the final corner and went for a slide down the frontstretch.

Qualifying Results: 2024 New Year's Bash

162Ronnie Bassett17.870
212Ricky Locklair18.092
32Chris Buffone18.155
49Austin Somero18.185
548Alby Ovitt18.233
6017Alex Weber18.238
707WHJeff Sparks18.245
84ORGTommy O'Sullivan18.281
94BLGary Ledbetter18.291
1016Kyle Lynch18.332
1196Maxx Porter18.361
124BTChris Riendeau18.392
1325RDJosh Sage18.425
147Joel Pontbriand18.434
1597Adam Gray18.485
1612Cody Demarmels18.497
1711BLCorey Flanning18.502
1827David Thomas18.503
1951Joshua Way18.551
2025BLJosh Way18.556
2142Adam Cartwright18.565
2207BLMike Cooper18.579
2349Jeff Melton18.588
2450Ricky Locklair, Sr.18.635
25B00Nathaniel Carlisle18.674
2618Robert Filipiak18.766
2704Shawn Swallow18.804
2821Brian Brown18.820
2911Josh Lundy18.888
3005Luther Johnson18.924
3167Eric Plemmons18.955
3213Steve Worthington18.982
330Adam Rowe18.988
347BLShane Gembrom19.292
3520Rob Sullivan19.376
3614Darrin Wilson19.985