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Sparks DQ'd, Ledbetter Declared Winner of New Year's Bash

Jeff Sparks has been disqualified following New Year's Bash post-race inspection, with Gary Ledbetter, Jr. inheriting his sixth win in the event.


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Following post-race technical inspection for the New Year's Bash at Dillon Motor Speedway, Jeff Sparks has been disqualified and Gary Ledbetter, Jr. has been named the winner of the Street Stock Nationals.

Dillon Motor Speedway published the following release regarding the disqualification:

"Following Sunday’s New Year’s Bash at Dillon Motor Speedway, the apparent winner, Jeff Sparks, was protested and subsequently disqualified for an illegal part. With Sparks disqualification, Gary Ledbetter, Jr. will inherit the win, his sixth in the New Year’s Bash.

"The infraction was due to an alteration on the winning car’s engine. The 602 crate engine supplied by General Motors has to be ran as supplied from the manufacturer. Sparks’ engine had the shorter 604 oil pan which allows a team to run softer springs, which in turn, would improve the car’s handling.

"Results for the New Year’s Bash are now official following the post-race inspection process led by head tech official, Ronnie Barfield."

In a post on Facebook, Sparks acknowledged the discrepancy and congratulated Ledbetter, Jr. on his win.

"Appreciate all the support, calls and text messages on our win last night but just got the word we were disqualified for having the wrong oil pan," reads the post. "We had a 604 pan on which was just an oversight but can be used for a competitive gain. Dillon Motor Speedway made the right call and I appreciate them keeping the integrity of our sport up to standards. Congratulations to Gary Ledbetter Jr and their team."

Ledbetter, Jr. is now a six-time winner of the New Year's Bash through 14 runnings of the event. His previous wins were in 2012, 2013, 2017, 2019 and 2020.

The 2024 edition of the New Year's Bash saw 36 drivers take part in the main event, with $2,500 on the line for the winner. Over its history, the New Year's Bash has become one of the biggest and most prestigious Street Stock events in the country, drawing competitors from the Northeast and Midwest to compete at the Dillon, South Carolina 4/10-mile oval.

Alby Ovitt now holds the second position in the official results from the event, with Adam Gray, Ricky Locklair, Jr., and Josh Sage rounding out the top five.

-Photo credit: Will Bellamy/Racing America


14BLGary Ledbetter1000.661
248Alby Ovitt1003.682
397Adam Gray1006.921
412Ricky Locklair, Jr.1008.158
525Josh Sage1008.964
625BLJosh Way10010.324
72Chris Buffone10011.001
84ORGTommy O'Sullivan10011.768
97Joey Pontbriand10012.500
1051Joshua Way10012.668
114BTChris Riendeau10016.214
1242Adam Cartwright10017.270
130Adam Rowe10018.277
1411Josh Lundy991 lap
157BLShane Gendron991 lap
1613Steve Worthington964 laps
1716Kyle Lynch937 laps
1821Brian Brown8812 laps
1996Maxx Porter8515 laps
2018Robert Filipak8515 laps
2107BLMike Cooper8515 laps
2262Ronnie Bassett, Jr.8218 laps
2350Ricky Locklair, Sr.7129 laps
24B00Boo Carlisle6733 laps
259Austin Somero6040 laps
2667Eric Plemmons5545 laps
2711BLCorey Flanning5456 laps
2849Jeff Melton5446 laps
2920Rob Sullivan4753 laps
3004Shawn Swallow3367 laps
3114Darrin Wilson1288 laps
32017Alex Weber1090 laps
3312Cody Demarmels1090 laps
3427David Thomas1090 laps
3505Luther Johnson0100 laps


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