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Reichenberger Tops Midwest Truck Series Field in Slinger's Prelude to the Nationals

Brandon Reichenberger won the 60-lap Midwest Truck Series feature Sunday night at the Slinger Speedway to headline the Prelude to the Nationals.


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Brandon Reichenberger won the 60-lap Midwest Truck Series feature Sunday night at the Slinger Speedway to headline the Prelude to the Nationals.

Reichenbeger started on the pole and paced every circuit en route to the victory as the 60-lap race ran the final 53 laps under the green flag after an early caution flag on lap 7 for a single truck spin. James Swan and James Lynch tried to track down Reichenberger for the top spot but they were unable to close as Reichenberger worked lapped traffic well and maintained his advantage. Reichenberger took the checkered flag for his second Slinger Midwest Truck Series victory while Swan held off Lynch for second, leaving Lynch to settle for third. Aaron Moyer raced in the top five the entire race and finished in the fourth position while Brad Mueller advanced from the seventh starting position to finish fifth. Jeff Holtz finished sixth followed by Grant Griesbach in seventh and Cody Vander Loop in eighth. Eugene Gregorich and Chester Ace completed the top ten finishers in ninth and tenth respectively.

Braison Bennett won the 18-lap Midwest Truck Series semi-feature over Danielle Behn and Tytus Helgestad. Derek Meyer was fourth followed by Tyler Noble in fifth. Midwest Truck Series heat races were won by Kevin Zielezinski, Danielle Behn and Tucker Bodendorfer while Grant Griesbach was the fastest qualifier after posting a qualifying lap in 12.125 seconds.

Jake Schraufnagel won an exciting 35-lap Sporstman feature over Brian Holtz and Brady Held. Alex Lopacinski finished fourth and Tytus Helgestad was fifth. Aaron Butterbrodt took the checkered flag in sixth with Sean Eurick finishing seventh ahead of Ken Calhoun in eighth. Brandon Tackes finished ninth and Chris Beine was tenth. Tytus Helgestad and Brady Held were the winners of the Sportsman heat races and Jake Schraufnagel set fast time with a lap time of 12.838 seconds.

Dennis Prunty won the 602 Craters division 25-lap feature over Rob Braun and Jon Reynolds Jr. David Teske finished fourth and Adam Hansen was fifth. Chris Ratajczyk drove to a sixth-place finish ahead of Larry Johnson in seventh while Tanner Berge was eighth. Rob Braun won the 602 Craters heat race and Dennis Prunty was the fastest qualifier with a lap time of 12.149 seconds.

The Hobby Stock division visited the Slinger high banks and Avery Linnerud won the 20-lap main event over Tony Ciano and Cooper Bodendorfer. Elliott Hawkins was fourth and Shane Strothman finished fifth. Charles Vian was the winner of the Hobby Stock heat race and fast time honors went to Avery Linnerud who turned in a qualifying lap in 13.828 seconds.

Paul Reagles was the winner of the 25-lap Slinger Beez main event as he held off Todd Buckley and Tracy Neu for the victory. Jason Uttech took the checkered flag in fourth followed by Al Strobel in fifth. Slinger Beez heat races were won by Todd Buckley and Nick Schmidt while Jason Uttech was the fastest qualifier with a lap time of 13.735 seconds.

-Slinger Speedway Press Release
-Photo credit: Ryan Nuttleman

Sportsman – Feature 35 Laps 1. 29S-Jake Schraufnagel, Horicon, WI [10], 2. 88H-Brian Holtz, Muskego, WI [9], 3. 04H-Brady Held, Iron Ridge, WI [8], 4. 89L-Alex Lopacinski, West Bend, WI [11], 5. 42H-Tytus Helgestad, Milton, WI [3], 6. 2B-Aaron Butterbrodt, Hubertus, WI [1], 7. 97E-Sean Eurick, New Berlin, WI [4], 8. 4C-Ken Calhoun, Johnsburg, IL [2], 9. 24B-Brandon Tackes, West Bend, WI [7], 10. 45B-Chris Beine, Slinger, WI [12], 11. 33E-Tom Elsinger Jr, Germantowm, WI [6], 12. 23B-Nick Bruley, Johnson Creek, WI [5]

Super Beez – Feature 25 Laps 1. 25R-Paul Reagles, Colgate, WI [3], 2. 8B-Todd Buckley, West Bend, WI [2], 3. 15N-Tracy Neu, Watertown, WI [6], 4. 36U-Jason Uttech, Watertown, WI [9], 5. 14S-Albert Strobel, Iron Ridge, WI [1], 6. 84S-Mitchell Strobel, Slinger, WI [4], 7. 20K-Travis Kreuser, West Bend, WI [8], 8. 10D-Steve Dickson, Rockton, IL [10], 9. 09X-Nick Schmidt, Watertown, WI [7], 10. 24B-Brandon Tackes, West Bend, WI [5], 11. 33E-Matthew Elsinger, West Bend, WI [11] Midwest Truck Series – Feature 60 Laps 1. 3R-Brandon Reichenberger, Appleton, WI [1], 2. 97S-James Swan, Genoa City, WI [3], 3. 76L-James Lynch, Palos Park, IL [5], 4. 140M-Aaron Moyer, Hartford, WI [4], 5. 89M-Brad Mueller, Random Lake, WI [7], 6. 38H-Jeff Holtz, Franksville, WI [6], 7. 60G-Grant Griesbach, Waukesha, WI [9], 8. 4V-Cody Vander Loop, Freedom, WI [8], 9. 1WEugene Gregorich III, Amherst, WI [12], 10. 93A-Chester Ace, Oregon, WI [11], 11. 97N-Jacob Nottestad, Janesville, WI [10], 12. 11M-Bryce Miller, Columbus, WI [2], 13. 23C-Clay Curts, Manteno, IL [13], 14. 10M-Derek Meyer, Michigamme, MI [18], 15. 38Z-Kevin Zielezinski, Joliet, IL [14], 16. 28B-Danielle Behn, Waupaca, WI [16], 17. 44C-Parker Cain, Big Bay, MI [20], 18. 70H-Tytus Helgestad, Milton, WI [17], 19. 9B-Braison Bennett, Larsen, WI [15], 20. 33K-Kevin Knuese, Waunakee, WI [19] Hobby Stocks – Feature 20 Laps 1. 52L-Avery Linnerud, Milton, WI [7], 2. 86C-Tony Ciano, Janesville, WI [5], 3. 64B-Cooper Bodendorfer, Muskego, WI [1], 4. 4H-Elliott Hawkins, Machesney Park, IL [2], 5. 16S-Shane Strothman, South Beloit, IL [6], 6. 22B-Korey Bengsch, Waupun, WI [3], 10. [DQ]1V-Charles Vian, Sparta, WI [4]

602 Craters – Feature 25 Laps 1. 42P-Dennis Prunty, Allenton, WI [7], 2. 5B-Rob Braun, Wales, WI [6], 3. 36R-Jon Reynolds Jr, Rockford, IL [4], 4. 51T-David Teske, Richfield, WI [3], 5. 2H-Adam Hansen, De Soto, WI [1], 6. 75R-Chris Ratajczyk, West Bend, WI [2], 7. 20J-Larry Johnson, Sussex, WI [8], 8. [DNS]35B-Tanner Berge, Elkhorn, WI [5]

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