Ty Majeski Making Trip South for SRL National Kickoff

Majeski will be at the SRL National Super Late Model Tour's inaugural event at Citrus County.


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Ty Majeski is no stranger to traveling across the country for a marquee or high-paying Super Late Model event. For that reason, the Wisconsin native will be at Citrus County Speedway this weekend for the inaugural SRL National Super Late Model Tour event.

Majeski discussed Saturday's race during an appearance on Racing America's 'The Bullring.' He's eager to support the first trip east for SRL. Between SRL's expansion and Track Enterprises' recent acquisition of Champion Racing Associating, there has been plenty of chatter for a national Super Late Model Tour.

“I think it’s really cool what the SRL is doing," said Majeski. "Obviously, it’s a West-Coast based series, expanding their horizon a little bit. We’re committed at least to Citrus and the two races at Berlin. I’m excited about those, they’re sort of in our backyard and they pay really well. Hopefully they make the schedule in such a way that I can make the other three.”

The $15,000-to-win, 125-lap event kicks off what is expected to be a six-race season for the SRL National Super Late Model Tour.

Majeski is intrigued by what SRL's plans for 2022, and hopes it is a sign for things to come.

“I know there’s been some talk around a national Super Late Model tour. I think that’d be really cool. A lot of people around the country love short track racing and Super Late Models. It’d be a good way to tie all the regions together and hit some of the premier races throughout the year and get the best guys around the country competing against each other.”

Of course, for a national series to succeed, there are some hurdles it will have to clear. Majeski noted that a common set of rules as well as increased pay would be necessary for a truly national series.

“I think, first of all, the series has to come up with a set of rules. Super Late Models in the Northeast are more like Pro Late Models. There are discrepancies in the rules. In the Midwest, you’re running two-barrels. Some regions are harder on body tech than others. There are so many variables that go into a national tour. They’d have to come out with a set of rules and make sure it’s attainable for all different regions to achieve.

“For a national tour, to make it worthwhile for a Derek Thorn or somebody out west to come to the northeast, you’re going to have to pay 25 grand, at a minimum. I think you’re going to have to pay 20 to 25 grand to win each race, with some paying more, and a points fund at the end of the season. It’s hard to make that work out.”

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