Farrington Continues Oxford Buildup Heading into PASS Sunday Matinee

After winning his first Oxford weekly SLM race of 2022, Dave Farrington Jr. looks to continue his momentum heading into Sunday's PASS 150.


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The 2022 season has not had the ideal start, racing wise, that Dave Farrington Jr. would have pictured. But the Jay, Maine Super Late Model driver has kept his head down, breaking through to victory lane in Oxford Plains Speedway weekly competition for the first time this season less than two weeks ago. This Sunday, he is looking to do the same in Pro All Stars Series competition.

It will be the second PASS 150-lap event at Oxford this year, with Cole Butcher winning the first in early May. Farrington had some difficulties that race, but still managing to finish tenth. The two-time and defending Oxford SLM champion also has one PASS win each of the past two years, and is looking for his third this weekend.

“It’s been a rollercoaster kind of a season, we’ll run good one week and the next week circumstances play themselves out and we’re mid-pack. People have been blaming the tires and track conditions, I just blame ourselves and the luck that hasn’t fallen our way. But, on Memorial Day it did. It seems like Mondays serve us pretty well, last year we won on Monday too, Fourth of July weekend,” Farrington told Racing America.

Indeed, his Oxford Championship Series win a few weeks prior came on a sunny afternoon, rather than the Saturday night lights, with that round being postponed from Saturday to Memorial Day. He hopes it is a good omen for this Sunday’s matinee.

“When we won on Memorial Day it was pretty hot out, mid-80’s or so. We’re looking forward to another shakedown in the 150 on Sunday. We’ve won a couple over the years now, we usually hit it pretty good. The contenders are usually hanging around the Top 10 no matter what. We’ll bring in a little different package than our weekly program of course, then it’s just luck of the draw, and getting a starting spot up front.”

The fight just to start up front will be a tough one, as over 40 entries have been filed for the PASS event on Sunday. Not surprisingly, Farrington feels it’s a great problem to have; especially with the ongoing fuel price hike that has struck the nation.

“We got over 40 entries for a PASS race again; no matter what the economy is doing right now, and everything else going crazy in the world right now, the entries are still flowing in like crazy. It’s great. We had 20 entered for the weekly show last Saturday. I think we’ll have some PASS guys this Saturday too to get tuned up for Sunday.”

With the Oxford 250 looming large at the end of August, Farrington is looking to improve on a tough PASS performance in April. In addition, he is hoping hoping his No. 23 Super Late Model will be able to run any lane on any lap, no matter the track conditions.

“We finished just inside the Top 10, we had a couple of restarts where we didn’t get to start in the fast lane. Oxford will sometimes be a single lane race track, it costs a lot of money to put in an extra prep to buildup the second and third lanes. I get that from the track standpoint. But, we along with other teams have made it work a couple races up top. I we can move around and work in those upper lanes ourselves, it’ll be an opportunity for those mid-pack to move up to the front at the end.”