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10 Memories from the Oxford 250

Some unforgettable moments from Oxford 250 history.


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Over the course of 48 years, there have been plenty of memorable moments in the Oxford 250. Here are just 10 of those great memories from the event's history.

- 1996 was the infamous year that saw Ben Rowe run out of gas with three laps to go as a raw rookie giving the win to Larry Gelinas. The check was worth $50,000 and Gelinas won the race from the pole. Some to this day think there was a scoring error during this race and Gelinas would not have been the winner. Dennis Demers was scored second and Scott Kelly was third. Gelinas led only three laps, the final three and that was enough.

THE THIRD TURN: 1996 Oxford 250

- Racin’ Ralph Nason charged from 24th to win the Oxford 250 for a third-straight year in 2000. Nason led 69 laps and held off Ben Rowe for the three-peat in the 250. The defining moment has not been topped since and likely never will with the level of competition. Andy Shaw, Sam Sessions and Mike Rowe made up the top five.

THE THIRD TURN: 2000 Oxford 250

- They told him he couldn’t do it and he did it anyway. Bubba Pollard went to Oxford to run the 250 for the first time and walked away with the trophy at the end of the night. The rise to the top that day came from the Consi race, as Pollard slowly worked his way forward. He cracked the top 10 before the final pit stop and made his move to the lead after the stop.

THE THIRD TURN: 2018 Oxford 250

- After 14 years of trying, Cassius Clark finally wins the Oxford 250 in 2021, but not without some body damage after a wreck in lapped traffic. Clark had been so close so many times in his past. This marked the seventh top-10 run in the 250 for Clark and the fourth in the top five.

THE THIRD TURN: 2021 Oxford 250

- In 1992, Dave Dion put the final touch on his Oxford 250 career when he won the race for the third time in his career. Dion led a race-high 155 laps and beat out Dale Shaw for the win. Dion came from 20th to win the race. Pole sitter Bobby Dragon led 135 laps, but finished eighth at the end of the night. Dion would run the race several more times, but the best he could do was seventh and he did that five times after his last win.

THE THIRD TURN: 1992 Oxford 250

- Back in 1984, Mike Rowe won the race for the first time and became the first driver from Maine to win the race. Coming from 10th Rowe scored the win that was worth over $26,000. Rowe led 47 laps and held off Robbie Crouch and Butch Lindley for the victory. A total of 64 drivers tried to make the race that day with a starting field of 40 cars.

THE THIRD TURN: 1984 Oxford 250

- When the ACT Pro Stocks came in 1993, the force of Canada came with it. Junior Hanley led 150 laps and won the Oxford 250. This victory started a streak of three-straight wins for the Canadian drivers, with Derek Lynch winning in 1994 and Dave Whitlock winning in 1995. It was not until 1996 did the trophy stay home in Maine.

THE THIRD TURN: 1993 Oxford 250

- Many look at Jeremie Whorff’s win as an upset in the 2006 season. If you look back to the weekly series record, you can see it was really no fluke. Whorff won six times that season and had won four races leading into that season.

THE THIRD TURN: 2006 Oxford 250

- It was a moment that launched a career in the south for Ricky Craven in the 1991 Oxford 250. The season was already going smoothly for Craven coming into the 250 weekend. This was when the Oxford 250 was a Busch North Series race. Craven had won three times that season and the Oxford 250 kicked off a successful summer that led to 10 overall wins and the championship. In the race Craven, came from sixth and led 189 laps to get the win over Tommy Houston.

THE THIRD TURN: 1991 Oxford 250

- 1981 was a special year because it was the first time a driver had won back-to-back races. It was New York Modified ace Geoff Bodine who was the top dog two years in a row. Bodine led 74 laps the first year and won from the pole in his second year over Robbie Crouch and Jeff Stevens.

THE THIRD TURN: 1981 Oxford 250

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