Amor Pays Tribute to Friend in SpeedFest Street Stock Feature

Indiana's Shawn Amor piloted "Downtown" Jim Brown's car to the victory


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Shawn Amor is normally seen racing car no. 28. However, he brought out a No. 1 in honor of a friend to SpeedFest, and put it first place in the CRA Van Hoy Oil Street Stock feature.

Amor unloaded the car in tribute of "Downtown" Jim Brown, who passed away recently. It was actually Brown's car, taken to SpeedFest with the blessing of his wife.

Amor had a perfect ending for the tribute, outdueling Chad Pendleton in the 50-lap Street Stock feature to secure the victory.

"Our buddy, Jim Brown, this is his car. He passed away a couple of weeks ago," said Amor in victory lane. "He's done a lot for me and everybody in racing. His wife said, 'Take that car and race it, boys.

"His son's here, came up from Florida. This is probably the biggest race I've won, emotionally. I can't thank everyone enough who helped us.

"This win's for you, Jimmy."

Amor won by nearly two seconds over Pendleton, but the win did not come easily. The two drivers battled for most of the event, officially trading the lead eight times over the span of 13 laps before Amor took the lead for good on lap 32.

"It's been a while since I raced on these tires or in these cars," said Amor. "We pulled this thing out for Jimmy and painted up like he'd want it. He'd been talking about getting down here and racing these cars. Here we are."

"The 22 [of Pendleton] got by me and I said, 'Man, I'm in for it now.' I had never been here before. I followed him for a little bit, learned a little bit and it came back to me. I saved a little, and you see where it got us."


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