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Troy DeCaire Confirmed As Latest Children's Dream Fund 50 Entrant

Troy DeCaire will be back behind the wheel for the first time since September


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Troy DeCaire is the latest ‘Children’s Dream Fund 50’ entrant confirmed by Decaire himself and Charlie Norman Motorsports owners Danielle and Chaz Hambling on Tuesday afternoon. DeCaire will be piloting a Hurricane Chassis with a 410 engine for this race.

The event will be a co-sanctioned Must See Racing Sprint Series Presented by Perfit and the BG Products Southern Sprint Car Shootout Series event at Citrus County Speedway in Inverness, Florida March 2, 2024.

Decaire hasn’t been behind the wheel of a sprint car since September 23. Decaire was competing in the ‘Pink Lady Classic’ at Meridian, Idaho. He made contact with another car that saw his car hurled violently into the turn three catch fence. The car got caught in the catch fence and hung several feet off the ground. DeCaire suffered a severe concussion and sustained several other injuries including cracked ribs and a separated shoulder.

“Scotty Adema was one of my first shock customers. He’s stuck with me since I first started building shocks. I’ve kind of stuck around him. Scotty and Chaz Hambling have teamed up and have bought two cars that I at one point driven or owned. I’ve built a reputation of being a Hurricane Chassis specialist. They wanted to help me get them ironed out.”

“They asked me if I’d be in town March 2 and would want to run a car for them. It’s an old car that George Rudolph and my dad Terry had at one point that I’d driven. When I heard it was for sale, I called a bunch of people trying to get them to buy it. It just so happened Chaz ended up with it. Chaz wanted me to drive it in that race. He told me they had a brand new 410 coming from Engler. I said now we’re talking. It’s one of them old ones. The old Hurricanes are the ones you want. He bought it and called me to help him with it, and now he wanted me to drive it.”

Decaire indicated he may not be completely healed from his September crash, but he’s healthy enough to get back in a car with a $10,000 first place prize on the line.

“I’m as ready as I can be. I broke a couple of ribs. My shoulder at one point was dislocated, I know that much. I also had a pretty bad concussion. I couldn’t drive a streetcar for about a month or two because I was getting really bad Vertigo. I’ve healed about as good as I’m gonna heal. This will be my first time back in a car since my crash.”

“We were already committed to do the ‘Children’s Dream Fund 50’ when it paid $5000 to win. What got my attention is it’s an hour from where I’m living. Ten grand is nice. I approach them all the same no matter what it pays.”

When it was brought to DeCaire’s attention the field of top-notch talent he will be batting that includes Jimmy McCune, Davey Hamilton Jr., and Aaron Willison among others, it didn’t concern him.

“I’m excited they’re all coming. This is the first time in my career they are all coming to my backyard. I’ve had success across the country, but I’ve been playing in their backyard. This is the first time they’ve had to come to me. No disrespect to any of them at all. But I raced against Dave Steele for 10-15 years. The best in the country has been here the whole time, I think. The roster is great, and I love seeing the diversity in the drivers that are coming. To be honest with you, racing against Dave Steele was the hard part. He was the benchmark for the whole country. I think he still is.”

“Back in the day we had some hitters. Doug Heveron, Wayne Reuittman, Bo Hartley, Dude Teate and all three Butlers. What really helped prepare me for everything was Must See Racing when it first started. I still don’t think we’ve seen a roster like that since. I think it’s starting to get back to what it was. I’m glad guys like Jimmy and Aaron are coming to support it and help build this. I’d like to see this become something we can all meet down here in Florida to start the year off. I think that’s what we really need right now. That’s what I’m hoping for anyways. I’m proud to fly the Florida flag at the ‘Childrens Dream Fund 50’.”

“I like what JJ Dutton is doing with this. Cancer is something I’m close to in my family with my mom having it. Anytime we can do something to raise money for an organization with Cancer I’m all for it. If we can help pavement sprint car racing grow, and raise money for the Children’s Dream Fund Organization, that’s a dream come true for everyone involved. I’m just glad I can do my part in all of this. I think what he is doing is incredible. Win, lose, or draw for me, being involved with this race is about as good as it gets” concluded DeCaire’.

The three-car Charlie Norman Motorsports team with DeCaire, Scotty Adema, and Ryan Adam will be a ‘Super Team’ of sorts. With all the seat time and knowledge, this is a team to keep a close eye on at the ‘Children’s Dream Fund 50’ March 2.

-Must See Racing Release
-Photo credit: David Sink

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