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Track Record Poised to Fall in Snowball Time Trials

Freshly produced tires will likely lead to the fastest laps in Five Flags history


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By every account, the Five Flags Speedway track record will fall on Friday night during time trials for the Snowball Derby.

A portion of the frontstretch into Turn 1 is freshly repaved, but more importantly, temperatures will be moderately cool and the Hoosier F-45 tires are green -- meaning they haven’t had much time to weather in. It will be roughly 60 degrees and several expected pole contenders will be amongst the last to take their two timed laps.

The current record was set by Ty Majeski in 2015 time trials with a 16.120 second lap. Preston Peltier ran a 16.103 in testing last week.

"I think we broke four or five track records up in the Midwest this year," Majeski said. "The tires are so green because of the tire shortage, meaning they’re fresh and soft and fast, but they fall off, too.

"So that’s also going to change the complexion of the race on Sunday too. But the stakes are going to be high on Friday. Everyone knows the track record is going to fall, but hopefully I can defend our track record, but it’s going to be a tall order for sure."

Derek Thorn has earned pole two years in a row and a third will likely set a new record.

"It comes down to what Hoosier has brought us," Thorn said. "It's so green and fast. Fresh and fast. I'm looking at the weather and humidity will play a major factor, but it's probably going to happen."

Bubba Pollard is amongst the last 20 to go out and says the stars are aligning for a track record.

"It should this weekend," Pollard said. "Because, the tires are fresh and the race track is going to be just right. It ain't going to be too cold and won't be too hot. It's going to have the right temperature. I would be really surprised if it doesn't fall."

Matthew Craig has a great shot at the record as he will go out 43rd of 51 cars.

"Definitely going to see a track record on Friday," Craig said. "The weather's ideal. I don't know that the frontstretch is making any of the extra speed. I think it's more the new tires. It's just so green. It's not had time to kind of cure. They're sticky."

Jake Finch has spent his entire life coming to Five Flags with his dad James and has raced here in an Outlaw Late Model, Pro Late Model and Super Late Model.

He has no doubt he will see history on Friday with a track record.

"I think it will 100 percent happen," Finch said. "You know, a lot could change with the weather, or the rubber build up, but I feel really strongly that it's going to happen.

"It's not the frontstretch where we're picking up speed, because we're picking up speed all across the country. This is my first year racing Super Late Models and we're going to have a shot to break the record. We all are. I hope I can be the one to make it fall."