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Hear More About IROC Rebirth from Ray Evernham on Bullring Hot Lap

Ray Evernham joins Alan Dietz for a Bullring "Hot Lap" to discuss the recent announcement of his involvement in the rebirth of IROC, and what to expect from the series in the future.


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Ray Evernham and Rob Kauffman have formed IROC Holdings, LLC and acquired the rights to the IROC brand. Evernham provided more insight on the plans for that brand in an interview with Racing America.

While appearing on the “Bullring Hot Lap” with Alan Dietz, Evernham explained what he hopes to accomplish in IROC’s rebirth.

“Right now, we’re looking at the historical part of the IROC series,” said Evernham. “Finding out where a lot of these cars have gone, bringing back some of the original drivers to get together and build excitement and whatnot about the series. Do some static and on-track displays before the end of the year.

“Get some IROC reunions going, get the cars back out, find out where they’re at, see if they’re track worthy, and work towards getting some kind of on-track competition going with these vintage cars or cars that are built like the vintage cars.”

The primary focus for the first IROC events is gathering the cars and drivers that competed during the series’ history between 1974 and 2006.

“The most important thing we want to do is get all of the people who have these IROC cars around the country and around the world, get them together in one spot. The ones that can drive around the race track and put on an exhibition for the fans, they’ll do that. The others, maybe just sit.”

While Evernham is best-known for his Hall of Fame-worthy career as a NASCAR crew chief and team owner, he owes his start in the motorsports industry to IROC.

“It was a special time in my life, without getting a break from knocking the fences down with a Modified around New Jersey. Getting the chance to work with Jay Signore, Roger Penske, Les Richter, all the folks there from IROC. That was the springboard for my career. I still think the IROC brand holds an incredible place in motorsports history when you look at what they were able to do.”

To learn more about this new iteration of IROC, check out the full “Bullring Hot Lap” with Ray Evernham.

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