Tellstrom is the New Face of Sales and Service at PFC

It's otherwise business as usual at PFC Brakes headed into 2022


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The new public face of sales and support for PFC Brakes isn’t that much different the old one.

Kyle Tellstrom just doesn’t have the southern twang in his accent that Chris Dilbeck had for years in the role before taking a new job within the industry over the autumn, but the west coast short tracker has every bit the racing bonafides and experience in the role.

It continues a de facto policy of by racers, for racers, and Tellstrom has made the most of his two years preparing for this shuffle.

"We're really just trying to keep everything the same," Tellstrom said over the weekend at the PRI Trade Show. "Chris taught me a lot the past couple of years. So, we're applying the same principles that have been in place the past 10 years.

"No change. There's definitely a transition, but we're still here to support grassroots racing and we want to keep improving that commitment for years to come."

The North State Modified Series champion will now be the primary point of contact for all short track racers seeking to acquire or optimize PFC Brakes. But similar to his predecessor, Tellstrom is also an accomplished racer who is also on-site at most marquee events to talk set-ups, race craft or anything related to the business of going faster.

"I'm not just a sales guy," Tellstrom said. "I'm racing every day of the week. I work on race cars and I'm involved. I'm in the middle of it. So, I want to give racers the best chance to have success with our products. I use it and I stand behind it. I'm not just the sales guy and engineer.

"I've been there and done it and can relate to racers on different levels. I may be more pronounced as a pavement guy, but I grew up racing dirt too. So, we're not just going to talk brakes. I can talk about the chassis and adjustments. We're definitely by racers, for racers."

Tellstrom says he can be reached by the office or as simple as sending him a Facebook friend request --- whatever it takes to get a hold of him. He doesn’t even mind if you’re not a customer. He just wants to fully integrate himself into the short track community.

"I'm excited for this because I have an incredible passion for the racing industry," Tellstrom said. "But I am a west coast guy. I don't have the same contacts or merit that Chris had, especially on the East Coast. I don't know every single Cup Series pit crew guy, but he does. I've met a lot of those guys over the years, so I'm excited to meet more racers, expand those relationships and just service everyone as good as we have over the past decade."

And that service continues to expand.

"I just want everyone to know that we're made in the USA," Tellstrom said. "We're founded in South Carolina, and we're in the heart of NASCAR country. While we do work for OEMs, our bread and butter is racing and short track racing."