Jennings Charges to VCTS Win at Anderson

The Vores Compact feature at Anderson came down to a last-lap pass.


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At a tight quarter-mile bullring like Anderson Speedway, drivers racing for the lead often live or die by lapped traffic. In Chris Jennings’s case Saturday night, he thrived in it.

The two-time Vores Compact Touring Series champion charged to the bumper of Karter Stark’s machine in the late laps, then used lapped traffic to swoop under Stark in the final corner to steal Saturday night’s VCTS race at Anderson.

Jennings saw the lapped traffic just ahead of him and Stark in the waning laps, but was expecting it to hinder his chances of getting the lead going into the final corner.

“I’d seen the lapped cars and I knew we were going to catch them before we got to the checkered flag,” Jennings said of the final laps. “They kept hollering on the radio for them to move so I figured they’d go to the bottom and I wouldn’t have a lane and I didn’t want to make it three-wide.”

“You never want to win a race that way but I’ve probably also lost races that way before. Karter (Stark)’s a good driver, he’s going to win some races this year.”

After having gone winless since his second championship season with the series in 2016, Jennings has now won the first three races of the 2022 season at Anderson, Shadybowl and the non-points race at Five Flags Speedway.

“I can’t even believe it, honestly. This is awesome, I don’t really know what to say.”

Kyle Frame was able to get by Stark in the final corner as well to finish second. Karter and father Kyle Stark finished third and fourth, while Bo Hoelscher rounded out the top-five.

In the B4 Mini Series event, it was TJ Fannin taking the win in dominating fashion over Bradly Winters and Nicholas Meade. In doing so, he joined Meade as first-time winners with VCTS as part of the B4 Mini Series.

The Vores Compact Touring Series returns to Shadybowl Speedway on Saturday, April 30 alongside the CRA Street Stock Four Crown opener and Ohio 300 Late Model Series.

VCTS Main Event Results:

  1. Chris Jennings
  2. Kyle Frame
  3. Karter Stark
  4. Kyle Stark
  5. Bo Hoelscher
  6. Jason Clevenger
  7. Terry Eaton
  8. Tom Gossar
  9. David Yoder
  10. Darek Morris
  11. Trent Gossar
  12. Ron Sagers
  13. Yogi Metz
  14. Travis Lee
  15. Tim Cassidy
  16. Sean Frederick
  17. Jeff Vore
  18. Aaron Tatman
  19. Gary Eaton
  20. Jasper Drengler

B4 Mini Series Results:

  1. TJ Fannin
  2. Bradly Winters
  3. Nicholas Meade
  4. Will Jennings
  5. Holli Eaton
  6. Bubba Kincaid
  7. Joe Jennings
  8. Danny Cascioli
  9. Brett Smith
  10. Zach Morris
  11. Aaron Teegarden
  12. Phil Iliff
  13. JR Vester
  14. Scott Huffman
  15. Rob Rehm
  16. Elliott McKinney
  17. Aaron Teegarden
  18. Jonathon Hart
  19. Bill Honious
  20. Shawn Lawson
  21. Shaylon Calciano