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Dave Helliwell Wins Exciting 350 SMAC Debut at Spencer Speedway

Defending SMAC champion Dave Helliwell took home the victory in an exciting 40-lap, $3,000-to-win 350 SMAC Supermodified Series inaugural event at Spencer Speedway.


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Defending SMAC champion Dave Helliwell took home the victory in an exciting 40-lap, $3,000-to-win 350 SMAC Supermodified Series inaugural event at Spencer Speedway Friday night. Helliwell, driving the new Muldoon Motorsports No. 40, emerged victorious after a fierce battle at the front with Michael Muldoon.

At the start, Dan Kapuscinski and George Helliwell led the field to the green flag, with George Helliwell inching ahead from the outside. Kapuscinski held second, Scott Watts third, and Dave Helliwell quickly moved up to fourth from his fifth starting spot. Barry Kingsley's car was shuffled back to sixth as Muldoon quickly moved into the top five.

On lap 2, Dave Helliwell wasted no time, passing Watts on the outside for third and then dove under Kapuscinski in the next corner to take second. Muldoon was also on the move in a hurry, passing Watts on the outside for fourth on lap 4, and next would get underneath Kapuscinski for third on lap 5. Watts followed suit a few laps later, dropping Kapuscinski to fifth.

The race turned into a family affair at the front as Dave Helliwell caught up to George Helliwell for the race lead. The Helliwells engaged in a spirited side-by-side battle for the lead, with Dave finally taking the top spot at the completion of lap 17 after near-contact on the front stretch.

This close call allowed Muldoon to close in and he moved to second, passing George Helliwell on the outside down the backstretch. Muldoon then made an impressive move to the inside of Dave Helliwell, clearing him for the lead between turns three and four on lap 18.

At halfway, the running order was now Muldoon in the lead, followed by Dave Helliwell, George Helliwell, Watts, and Kapuscinski. Unfortunately, Kapuscinski’s strong showing came to an end as he caught the wheel of a lapped car, making heavy contact with the turn 2 outside retaining wall, bringing out the first yellow flag of the race.

The ensuing restart saw Muldoon on the inside and Dave Helliwell on the outside, with George Helliwell and Watts in row two. This time, Dave Helliwell took the lead from the high road and began to pull away.

With 10 laps to go, the running order was Dave Helliwell, Muldoon, George Helliwell, Watts, and Duphily. Duphily then passed Watts for fourth with 7 laps to go, and as fans watched this battle, Muldoon had suddenly closed back in on leader Dave Helliwell. Despite Muldoon's late charge, time ran out, and Dave Helliwell picked up the victory in the 2024 SMAC Season Opener.

The final top five were Dave Helliwell, Michael Muldoon, George Helliwell, Duphily, and Watts. Leslie Keyser, Bobby Holmes, Paul Buzel, Matt Riley, and Mike Spurling rounded out the top ten.

Today, the 350 SMAC Supermodified Series travels another hour and a half further west with the highest payout in SMAC history on the line in the 45-lap, $10,000 to win ‘Mayhem’ at Lancaster Motorplex feature event.

$3,000 to Win ‘Showdown at Spencer’
Friday, June 14, 2024
350 SMAC Supermodifieds
Spencer Speedway
Williamson, NY

Feature (40-laps, $3,000 to win): 1. 40 DAVE HELLIWELL, 2. 15 Michael Muldoon, 3. 07NH George Helliwell, 4. 66 Stephen Duphily, 5. 20 Scott Watts, 6. 50 Leslie Keyser, 7. Lazy8 Bobby Holmes, 8. 9 Paul Buzel, 9. 01 Matt Riley, 10. 61 Mike Spurling, 11. 32 Dan Kapuscinski, 12. 91 Barry Kingsley, 13. 07NH Bill Helliwell, 14. 69 Mark Tychoniewicz, 15. 77 Kenny White Jr. DNS 3 Jim Barker, 50 Mike Leaty (Keyser moved to #50 car after blown engine in #10 car during hot laps), 77X Kenny White Racing

Heat 1 (10-laps): 1. 66 Stephen Duphily, 2. 15 Michael Muldoon, 3. 20 Scott Watts, 4. 32 Dan Kapuscinski, 5. 91 Barry Kingsley, 6. 07NH Bill Helliwell, 7. 9 Paul Buzel, 8. 77 Kenny White

Heat 2 (10-laps): 1. 40 Dave Helliwell, 2. 07NH George Helliwell, 3. 50 Leslie Keyser, 4. 01X Matt Riley, 5. Lazy8 Bobby Holmes, 6. 61 Mike Spurling, 7. 69 Mark Tychoniewicz

-350 SMAC Press Release
-Photo credit: Robert J Clark Race Photography

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