Ty Majeski Honored by ThorSport Truck Chance

The 2022 season is the culmination of a decade's worth of work.


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On a recent drive home from work, Ty Majeski stopped at a Culver’s, with his dinner order resulting in ticket No. 60.

Wait, oh no, stop!

It would have been reasonable for Majeski to pull up to the window and ask for a different number before receiving his food -- no matter how strange of a request it would have seemed to the window worker.

Anything but that cursed number.

"I couldn't believe it," Majeski told Racing America on Saturday. "I'm like, I have to tweet about this."

It’s all in good fun, of course. Majeski will be forever linked with the ill-fated Roush Fenway Racing Xfinity Series No. 60 in 2018 split between himself, Chase Briscoe and Austin Cindric. That car was involved in 28 spins or crashes across 33 total starts. Majeski himself was part of 14 incidents in 12 races, Briscoe seven of 12 and Cindric in seven of nine.

All three drivers are considered amongst the best in the discipline, and featured some really talented engineers, and it was just a series of freak occurrences that derailed their combined effort.

"I'm really, really close with all the people at Roush, and still talk to them today," Majeski said. "It was just a bad situation, bad timing. The way it was laid out with three different drivers, and where we all were, plus where the organization was, it just wasn't good timing.

"I'm glad I can look back on it and laugh. I wish it would have gone different, but we all learned a lot from it."

Cindric and Briscoe are now Cup Series contenders. Majeski has rebounded too, first becoming an engineer with ThorSport Racing last season, and taking over a full-time drive with the team this season in the Camping World Truck Series.

It’s the culmination of everything Majeski has worked towards over the past decade -- one where he has won numerous Super Late Model majors, worked as a top-level engineer and run a near full-time Truck season with Niece Motorsports.

Now, Majeski has been paired with one of the best crew chiefs in the discipline in Joe Shear, who has won 24 races and the 2016 Truck Series championship -- all with fellow Midwesterner Johnny Sauter.

Finally, what looks to be a sure bet championship opportunity at a national touring level.

"I just feel relieved," Majeski said. "A lot of people have asked me if I feel pressure ahead of this season, but its just relief. I feel really good in this situation, and it’s one that I’ve looked forward to for a long time on the NASCAR side.

"I have found myself surrounded with a lot of really good people at ThorSport. Duke and Rhonda (Thorson) have become family to me and I can’t wait to get going."

Majeski is the five-time and reigning Midwest Tour champion. Together with crew chief Toby Nuttleman, the No. 91 has won the 2020 Snowball Derby, two Slinger Nationals, four Rattler 250s and two Dixieland 250s.

NASCAR is the next frontier and he has Shear on his side.

"He's been a staple in the upper levels of NASCAR for years now," Majeski said. "Obviously worked with Johnny for 20 years, and we've built a solid relationship over the past year and I can't wait to see what we can do together."

Between Niece and ThorSport, Majeski already has 20 starts in the series, so expects to be plug-and-play and ready to chase a championship. It's a super aggressive level right now, between the current roster and racing platform. It's not Super Late Model racing but Majeski is ready.

"It's a different style of racing," Majeski said. "It takes a different set of instincts to set a guy up, pass and be successful at that level. But I have great people around me and I'm just honored to be in the position that I'm in."