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Kyle Bonsignore Looking for Tri-Track Triumph at Star

After a surprise runner-up in the Albernaz family No. 07 at Seekonk Speedway, Kyle Bonsignore is looking for an even bigger surprise performance at Star Speedway on Saturday.


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When the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series last hit the track in June at Seekonk Speedway, Matt Hirschman met many expectations with another win. The effort that succeeded expectations was the one that resulted in a runner-up finish. Driving the Albernaz family’s No. 07, Kyle Bonsignore climbed from the mid-pack to the front of the field, even closing in the gap on Hirschman at one point.

While Bonsignore’s consistency on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour the past few seasons in the No. 22 car has made him a contender, he has become a serious Tri-Track contender heading into SBM XI at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire this Saturday, July 23. This despite the fact he has never even laid eyes on the quarter-mile oval before.

“The Albernaz family prepares a great car, I’m very excited to get another shot at it. I’ve never been to Star Speedway before, I don’t even know what it looks like, but I’m ready to go. I’ve heard it is the exact opposite of New Hampshire Motor Speedway where we just raced with the NASCAR Tour. I’m looking forward to going to a new track,” Bonsignore told Racing America.

Kyle Bonsignore ran two Modified races in the Albernaz’s No. 07 last fall, but the team missed the entire spring as the Supply Chain Crisis delayed the completion of the new car they eventually debuted and ran second with at Seekonk. The Long Island native has quickly found an above average chemistry with the Massachusetts team.

“This will be our fourth race, we ran last fall at Seekonk, then the Islip 300 at Riverhead in November, and Seekonk again last month. This will be our third Tri-Track race. The last car they had was an older Troyer chassis, so the setup now is way different on the newer chassis’ including the Fury they bought for me. It’s a learning experience every time we go to the track, but with what we’ve been running on the Tour, I’m able to help out a little with the adjustments to the car. We seem to be able to meet in the middle.”

Despite not having turned a single lap in his career at Star Speedway, Kyle Bonsignore has some momentum coming in, nearly winning at Loudon, NH in NASCAR action last Saturday in the No. 22. He doesn’t see any reason why the 07 camp can’t work expectation-exceeding effort on Saturday.

“Aside from when we got spun on a mid-race restart at Wall Stadium, we’ve had some really good races in the past month with the 22, and of course the 07 at Seekonk. Hopefully we can carry it into Star, Tri-Track is really competitive, and close if not everybody else entered has been to Star before. I’m at a disadvantage as far laps there, but I’m confident we’ll have a good baseline setup to start and we’ll be able to improve on it in practice.”

With his home track being another Northeast quarter-mile, Long Island’s Riverhead Raceway, Bonsignore knows that survival is one of three keys to success, along with a good setup, and luck. That latter of which has been cited by all drivers when it comes to winning in the Tri-Track Series.

“As long as we make the show, plus between pit stops, staying out of trouble, and being on a good setup, I think we can be there at the end. I know it’s a huge race for the Tri-Track Series and Star every year, and it looks like it’s going to be a warm one. I’m sure attrition will be a factor as well. I really enjoy the Open shows with how competitive it is with all the different motor packages and the different strategies.”

Overall, Kyle Bosnignore believes that pieces for an upset win are there for the 07 team. They just need to figure out how to put them all together.

“I hope we can surprise some people, I got a lot of confidence in Justin Albernaz and his grandfather Mike; their ability to get the car ready. But you’re always nervous going to a big race, like Seekonk is, with no laps on the car. But we had no issues, everything was great, we picked up speed from the practice to the scuff session, and then to the race. Going to Star, we got a good chassis and motor package; just got to pace ourselves and stay out of trouble.”

Joining the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series will be Star Speedway’s 350 Supermodifieds, Slingshots, Six-Shooters & 4-Cylinder Pure Stocks. Front gate opens at 12:30pm on Saturday afternoon for SBM XI, with post time for racing at 4pm ET. Racing America’s live broadcast also starts at 4pm over on RacingAmerica.tv.