Hirschman Doubles Up to Start His World Series

Hirschman is in unfamiliar territory with a hot start to his World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.


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Matt Hirschman continued his World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing dominance on Tuesday night, winning the Tour-type Modified feature.

Hirschman took the lead five laps into the 50-lap race and pulled away, finishing ahead of Patrick Emerling and Eric Goodale for the win.

Hirschman’s win came by more than two seconds over Patrick Emerling, but Hirschman was anything but confident

“You’re never really confident until it over,” said Hirschman on the FloRacing broadcast. “We were on today. The same car was in second, too. It was a distant second, but they were right there and they’ll be right there all week.”

Hirschman traditionally is stronger in the longer races in the World Series, such as the John Blewett III Memorial and the Richie Evans Memorial later in the week, and not the shorter races to start the week.

Instead, this year Hirschman has opened with back-to-back wins, putting him in unfamiliar territory despite his success in the event.

“We usually end the week strong and don’t usually start the week strong. I don’t want to celebrate too early, because it could go the other way.”

“There are two bigger ones here to go, including one tomorrow night. We’ll go and try to get a third.”

With the win, Hirschman now has 15 victories in the Tour-type Modified division in the World Series during his career. The win gives him sole possession of fifth on the all-time World Series win list, breaking a tie with Tom Baldwin.

Anthony Bello finished fourth, with Ronnie Williams rounding out the top five.

FEBRUARY 14, 2023

  1. Matt Hirschman
  2. Patrick Emerling
  3. Eric Goodale
  4. Anthony Bello
  5. Ronnie Williams
  6. Tyler Rypkema
  7. Jimmy Blewett
  8. Brian Robie
  9. Anthony Nocella
  10. Caleb Heady
  11. Burt Myers
  12. Anthony Sesely
  13. Joey Coulter
  14. Tom Martino, Jr.
  15. Dave Sapienza
  16. Craig Lutz
  17. Spencer Davis
  18. Andrew Krause
  19. Eddie McCarthy
  20. J.R. Bertuccio
  21. Tommy Catalano
  22. Brett Meservey
  23. Justin Brown
  24. Jeremy Gerstner
  25. Kyle Ellwood
  26. Amy Catalano
  27. Norman Newman
  28. Chris Hatton
  29. Rich Parker
  30. Tim Moore
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