UARA Giving Racers a Voice in Rule Making Process

"It's time to start a rule making process that gives racers a voice!"


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A competitor* presents a concern or request regarding rule changes, the direction of the class/sport, suggestions for the direction of the class/sport, on-track procedures, etc. to the United Auto Racing Alliance Board at [email protected] . The request will be reviewed by the appropriate advisory committee and each member of the UARA.


Requests/concerns will be reviewed by the appropriate committee and each individual member of the UARA. Advisory committee will review all information and present a unified committee recommendation to the UARA Board of Directors.

Should a subject matter not fall within one of the four committee topics, the UARA Board will consider the matter exclusively amongst board members.

Four committees will be formed; Engine Committee, Chassis Committee, Owner/Driver Committee, and Series/Track Committee.

Advisory committee members are avid competitors handpicked by the UARA Board of Directors from those closest to the action who have extensive technical knowledge and a sense of where the class/sport should be headed in the future. Committees will routinely be comprised of six (6) to ten (10) members, one of whom will be selected as chairman of the committee. Selection is intended to be geographical in nature to the greatest extent practical in order to ensure the widest possible points of view are presented. There is no set term limit for being on a committee.

If you feel you can contribute in this area, send a brief resume to the UARA Board at [email protected] for future consideration.


The UARA Board convenes monthly and considers the recommendations presented by the advisory committees. Each month the UARA Board will publish the results of their deliberations. Typically, deliberations will fall into four categories:

Rule Changes: Generally, a change that affects an entire class, method of car construction, or the manner a competitive event is conducted.

Tabled Items: Subjects requiring further research by the advisory committee or have been returned to the committee for additional information.

Errors and Omissions: A correction of typo or recently received information from a manufacturer providing missing or incorrect information in current publications.

Clarifications: Used to provide further explanation of a UARA Board rule when competitors are misinterpreting the intended meaning of the rule. While the UARA Board may have fully understood the rule when written, clarifications may be needed for competitors to understand the meaning and intent of rule wording. Clarifications cannot result in a substantial alteration of a rule; it merely expresses the original intent. If a clarification appears to results in a totally new meaning, then it becomes, in effect, a rule change.


The UARA Board of Directors meet monthly and considers items recommended by the committees. When considering request/concerns, the BOD considers recommendations of all members.

The BOD also establishes when recommendations will become effective. Customarily this would be January 1 of the following year; however, special circumstance may dictate a more immediate implementation.

Members of the BOD meet face-to-face twice a year in February, during Speedweeks, and December, during the PRI Show. UARA members have the opportunity to meet with the BOD, face-to-face, at these two events.

Members of the BOD serve for approximately five (5) years to ensure a continuing influx of new ideas. Unlike an advisory committee, the UARA BOD does not necessarily strive for geographic representation; although this is certainly a consideration. Primary importance is placed on the specialized knowledge each member must possess with respect to the sport and, of course, a vision for the future.

Though not an absolute requirement, members of an advisory committee are a natural gene pool for future UARA BOD members. If this is an area of interest to you, send your resume to ua[email protected] and get involved in an advisory committee.

-UARA Press Release