Ryan Moore Slams to CARS Pro Late Win at Franklin County

Luke Fenahuse felt like he was a sitting duck on the final restart.


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For most of the 100-lap CARS Pro Late Model Tour feature at Franklin County Speedway, Luke Fenhaus seemed destined to finally break through for his first victory in the series.

The 2021 Slinger Nationals champion saw those hopes evaporate on the final restart, as a problem with the rear end enabled Ryan Moore to chase down Fenhaus and edge him in a thrilling conclusion that saw the two muscle each other into the wall coming to the checkered flag.

Moore found himself in contention after struggling to crack the Top 5 during the early portions of the feature. Once the final caution for Caden Kvapil’s blown engine was displayed, Moore was determined to do everything possible to get his first career CARS Tour victory.

“This is why they say don’t give up,” Moore said. “We knew we didn’t necessarily have the fastest car at the beginning of the race, so we played it smart. These short track races come down to restarts at the end, and even though I hate to get physical, I come to win.”

For his part, Fenahaus was frustrated with track conditions.

"I knew something was going wrong right away on the restart because something was broke on the rear end," Fenhaus said. "I couldn't drive it into the corner at all. It's short track racing, I get it, but worst Pro Late Model show I've ever been a part of. We had four holes during the day and water on the bottom. They expected us to race the first half of the race with water on the bottom.

"Then I'm told (Sawalich) wants me to move but how am I supposed to race on the bottom when there's no traction?"

A veteran short track competitor from the northeast, Moore has only made a handful of appearances in the CARS Tour since the 2018 season. His best finish prior to Saturday’s race was a second that he obtained in the final CARS Super Late Model Tour race at South Boston Speedway last year.

Of all the victories Moore has claimed around the country during his career, he could not recall one that involved treacherous track conditions presented by Franklin County on Saturday, yet the three-lap shootout presented an all too familiar scenario that Moore capitalized on for the hard-fought win.

“I don’t think the track was ever ready for us to go green, but the fans waited around long enough,” Moore said. “[Fenhaus] was slipping and sliding, so I had to go where he wasn’t. He was sideways in the speedy dry, but I found a little grip on the bottom and made it work.”

CARS Pro Late Model Tour
Franklin County Speedway
May 22 2022

  1. Ryan Moore
  2. Luke Fenhaus
  3. Cale Gale
  4. Austin MacDonald
  5. William Sawalich
  6. Logan Jones
  7. Caden Kvapil – OUT
  8. Charlie Keeven – OUT
  9. Gus Dean – OUT
  10. Michael Gaier – OUT
  11. Luke Morey – OUT
  12. Braden Rogers – OUT