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Ryan Luza Adds His Name to World Series Winners List

Luza won the 35-lap Pro Late Model feature on Wednesday at New Smyrna Speedway.


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Ryan Luza scored his first career World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing win on Wednesday night, taking the checkered flag in the 35-lap Pro Late Model feature.

Luza passed Carson Brown on lap 20 and pulled away to a two-second victory.

“We finally got the car turning,” Luza told Racing America. “Once I got to the lead, it was cruise control. It was really cutting the center and pulling away.

While there will be another 35-lap contest for Pro Late Models on Thursday night, Luza’s focus is already turning to the 100-lap finale for the division on Friday. That race typically draws the stiffest competition of the week in the longest race for the class during the World Series.

“I think we have the car here finally for Friday night. Hopefully, we’ll have something for Conner [Jones] and Katie [Hettinger]. They’re going to be really good in the 100-lapper, but I think we’ve got it tuned up to go for that win.”

Luza also knows what he wants to improve moving into the final two races of the week.

“I’ve just got to do better on the restarts. It’s rough, especially in the Pros. We’re all playing games, you know what I mean? One person will speed up like you’re supposed to and someone else is lagging back. We’re hitting each other and all that stuff.

“Really, it’s about keeping the car clean and not wrecking each other on the restart. I think the 100-lapper will calm down, but I’ve got to do a little better on the restarts.”

Carson Brown, last Saturday night’s Pro Late Model winner, finished second, holding off World Series points leader Conner Jones in the closing laps. Brent Crews finished fourth, while Eddie MacDonald rounded out the top five in his first World Series start since 2015 when ACT Late Models were part of the event.

FEBRUARY 15, 2023

  1. Ryan Luza
  2. Carson Brown
  3. Conner Jones
  4. Brent Crews
  5. Eddie MacDonald
  6. Hunter Wright
  7. Chase Johnson
  8. Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.
  9. Dawson Sutton
  10. Dakota Stroup
  11. Gus Dean
  12. Jeremie Whorff
  13. T.J. DeCaire
  14. T.J. Monroe
  15. Kevin Folan
  16. Cory Luciano
  17. Toni Breidinger
  18. Ryan Kamish
  19. Ruben Caceres
  20. Glenn Styres
  21. Thomas Krasonis
  22. Brandon Turbush
  23. Mario Hart
  24. Kent Baledge
  25. Mitch Haver
  26. David Weaver
  27. Charlie Keeven
  28. Johnny Aramendia
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