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MPM Marketing Honoring Autism Awareness Month

The start of every April marks the return of a proud and special tradition for everyone at MPM Marketing.


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Columbia, S.C. (Apr. 2, 2022) -- The start of every April marks the return of a proud and special tradition for everyone at MPM Marketing.

Over a half-dozen MPM Marketing clients will be carrying number fonts with puzzle pieces to celebrate Autism Awareness Month, which is designed to recognize and share stories of people who are affected by autism.

Autism awareness has always been a very important cause for MPM Marketing owner Tonya McCallister with her son being diagnosed at an early age and has been thrilled to see her clients and the auto racing community wholeheartedly embrace the cause.

“We try and do something a little different each year to bring awareness,” McCallister said. “The support is always phenomenal during Autism Awareness Month and it seems to grow each year. Obviously autism is very near and dear to our hearts, so we’re always looking for opportunities to bring more awareness.”

Autism is characterized by social communication challenges and repetitive behaviors. Usually detected by parents in their children within their first three years, approximately one percent of the world’s population has autism, which equates to over 75 million people.

McCallister and MPM Marketing sell Autism Awareness themed T-shirts every year with proceeds going to Team Therapy of South Carolina. For 2022, Arizona Sports Shirts was responsible behind the design of the T-shirts that will also be on hand for both April CARS Tour events at Greenville-Pickens Speedway and Goodyear All American Speedway.

MPM Marketing’s support for Autism Awareness will be prevalent throughout April with Boo Boo Dalton, Kody King, Payton Freeman, Devon Morgan, Michael Faulk and Delaney Gray all adorning the puzzle-themed numbers. Braden Rogers is also carrying the unique font while driving for Lee Faulk Racing; another MPM Marketing client.

Brandon Gray, who is Delaney’s father and is a part of the MPM Marketing clientele with his own short track operation, shares McCallister’s passion about autism awareness and believes that MPM Marketing’s actions will succeed in assisting those who are directly affected by it.

“We believe that God blesses us to be able to race and that we should use our platform to help better as many people’s lives as possible,” Brandon said. “The opportunity to run the autism puzzles on our car aligns perfectly with our mission and the purpose of our platform. We are passionate about raising awareness for autism and are honored to support MPM’s efforts.”

For the puzzle-themed numbers, McCallister turned to Fuz1on Graphics; a sister company of Lee Faulk Racing whose list of drivers outside of Rogers include MPM Marketing clients like King and Lee’s son Michael.

Michael, who primarily oversees Fuz1on Graphics, was more than happy to help McCallister in promoting awareness towards autism, adding that the puzzle-themed numbers were the perfect way to express that support out on the track.

“Autism Awareness Month holds a special place in my heart,” Michael said. “I have close family and friends with this condition and anytime we’re always trying to raise money for the cause. MPM and Fuz1on came up with the idea of the puzzle piece overlays and I thought it was a great way to bring attention to the cause.”

McCallister is eagerly looking forward to seeing so many Autism Awareness Month-themed cars out on track over the next several weeks and is already starting to brainstorm over how MPM Marketing can be more involved in promoting the cause over the next several years.

“I can’t thank Fuz1on Graphics enough for always being willing to help me,” McCallister said. “Michael and Lee are like family, and they know how special this month is to us, but I also must thank the MPM client base and families that never cease to amaze me with their generosity. All of this really comes down to the entire racing family from partners, fans and organizations that support us with autism awareness during the month of April.”

MPM Marketing’s support of Autism Awareness Month formally begins with the on-track action this weekend. Those that want to add the puzzle-themed number to their car can contact Michael at Fuz1on Graphics for the MPM discounted price, while McCallister can be reached about T-shirts if fans are not able to attend either CARS Tour race in April.

-MPM Marketing Press Release