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Mike Hopkins Spins to Win Second Straight Coastal 200 at Wiscasset

A spin while battling for a podium position couldn't stop Mike Hopkins from defending his Coastal 200 crown at Wiscasset Speedway on Sunday.


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Not even a spin could prevent Mike Hopkins from going back-to-back in the Coastal 200 at Wiscasset Speedway.

Hopkins picked up his second consecutive win in the Coastal 200 on Sunday. Hopkins took the lead from Josh St. Clair on lap 104 of the 200-lap race and kept the advantage for the rest of the way.

It was another big night for a car he calls "Mongrel," which is already amassing quite the track record with multiple wins to its credit.

“I don’t know what it is about it," said Hopkins. "We named it Mongrel because it’s a bunch of different pieces. It’s just been so good since we built it."

However, Mongrel and Hopkins were nearly on the sidelines before the halfway mark. On lap 62, Hopkins and Shane Clark made contact in a battle for third and went spinning in turn one.

Fortunately, both drivers avoided any serious contact with each other or the wall and continued on. Hopkins rebounded for the win, while Clark finished fourth.

“I thought our day was over when me and Shane came together there," said Hopkins. "I think that was just a racing deal. Shane and I have been friends, I don’t really know what happened. I’m glad, all in all, it didn’t hurt it too bad.

“Honestly, my plan was to ride. I was riding in fifth. If I could get to third, then it would put us on the bottom, just to save us from being on the top. That was our plan.

“I don’t know if Shane didn’t know I was there or not, but there’s no hard feelings. Obviously, it didn’t hurt our day too bad. I see he finished in the top five, so that’s good to see him rebound.”

Ben Ashline finished second, in what he says will be the last Coastal 200 for his trustworthy Late Model that just needed a little more horsepower to compete for the win.

“I just needed about 100 more horse[power]," said Ashline. "This old motor’s tired compared to what we were up against. For the old girl to still be going, chugging along, this is probably going to be her last Coastal. To keep her in one piece, tuck her away and more or less retire her, I guess it’s time for me to build a new one."

Ashline led the first 101 laps of the race, but spent much of that time fending off Josh St. Clair for the top spot in a thrilling battle.

“I’ve got to give big kudos to Josh St. Clair," said Ashline. "We put on a great little battle for quite a while there. I’ve got a lot of respect for him. I appreciate all these people standing behind me that made the day possible.

“Second place is better than third, but boy, I don’t like losing.”

Chris Burgess rounded out the podium finishers, methodically working his way to the front from deep in the field and even leading a few laps before making a pit stop just past halfway. Burgess then drove through the field again to finish third.

“I guess more time to be patient and watch people take themselves out," said Burgess. "Just try to be there at the end. Like they told us, two laps pay money, 100 and 200. You’ve got to be there at the end.

“I think I passed four or five No. 15 cars, even that one. But I guess I didn’t pass enough of them.”

Shane Clark and Tiger Colby rounded out the top five.

-Photo credit: Wiscasset Speedway on Facebook


115HMike Hopkins200---
215ABen Ashline2002.674
347Chris Burgess2003.239
421Shane Clark2005.799
578Tiger Colby1991 Lap
673FDave Farrington1991 Lap
704TJ Watson1991 Lap
814JJosh St. Clair1991 Lap
915Nick Hinkley1991 Lap
1028RBen Rowe1991 Lap
1101Jett Decker1991 Lap
1217MEKris Matchett1991 Lap
1309Sylas Ripley1982 Laps
1432Brandon Bailey1982 Laps
1524Jonathon Emerson1982 Laps
1651Ryan St. Clair1964 Laps
1793Dave St. Clair18119 Laps
18153Travis Stearns16535 Laps
1905Brett Osmond15743 Laps
2025Will Collins14753 Laps
2115MFrank Moulton14456 Laps
2200Alex Waltz14456 Laps
2315CColton Chubbuck12278 Laps
2481Bryan Lancaster96104 Laps
2572XBen Nile92108 Laps
2639Johnny Clark60140 Laps
2730ADC Alexander40160 Laps
2888Dave Getchell25175 Laps
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