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Mike Held Gets First Win of Season at Slinger

Mike Held captured his first victory of the season in the 50-lap Uptown Motor Cars Pro Late Model feature Sunday night at the Slinger Speedway.


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Slinger, Wis., July 30—Mike Held captured his first victory of the season in the 50-lap Uptown Motor Cars Pro Late Model feature Sunday night at the Slinger Speedway.

Held battled Tyler Schley early on for the top spot before driving away to a commanding lead just past the halfway mark. Held maintained his advantage as Jesse Bernhagen and Ryan Gutknecht advanced through the field to second and third in the closing laps. Although the gap to Held was gradually closing, Bernhagen and Gutknecht couldn’t catch Held who drove to his first victory of the season. Bernhagen finished second and Gutknecht was third. Tyler Schley took the checkered flag in fourth while Tom Berens finished in the fifth spot. Mitchell DelCamp came home in the sixth position followed by Jakob Hassler and Scott Shambeau in seventh and eighth place respectively. Cole Thomas and Tyler Hromadka completed the top ten finishers.

Mitchell DelCamp and Tyler Schley each were winner of a Pro Late Model heat race and Tom Berens took top honors in qualifying with a lap time of 12.140 seconds.

Justin Poenitsch also scored his first feature victory of the season by winning the 20-lap Modified main event. Steven Schulz finished second and Nick Ostberg was third. Justin Okruhlica and Carl Benn were fourth and fifth respectively. Carl Benn was the winner of the Modified heat race and Justin Okruhlica was the fastest qualifier after turning in a qualifying time of 12.122 seconds.

Ricky Gebhard held off Brandon Mennicke and Tom Elsinger Jr. to win a thrilling 25-lap Slinger Bee feature. Travis Kreuser finished fourth and Dylan Lemberger crossed the finish line in fifth. Misty Benn finished in the sixth position and Jason Clope was seventh. Kendall Becker took the checkered flag in eighth followed by Brian Staczyk in ninth and Matthew Wandrey in tenth. Slinger Bees heat race victories went to Dylan Lemberger and Ricky Gebhard and Misty Benn was the fastest qualifier after turning a lap in 15.233 seconds.

Ayrton Brockhouse won the 25-lap Great North Legends main event over Dylan Schwanbeck and Lincoln Cain. Ayden Brockhouse finished fourth and Darrell Stewart was fifth. Alex Hartwig finished in sixth place and early leader Ben Massman finished seventh. Spencer Polacek was eighth followed by Ryan Laatsch in ninth and Jacob Stark in tenth. Ryan Laatsch won the first Great North Legends heat race and Dylan Schwanbeck won the second heat. Schwanbeck was also the fastest qualifier for the evening with a lap time of 13.374 seconds.

Penn Sauter was the winner of the 15-lap Bandolero feature as he took the checkered flag ahead of Axel Oldenhoff and Carter Stein. Harley Johnson finished fourth and Lincoln Johnson was fifth. Jayden Johnson finished sixth while Cole Kurth was seventh and Mason Obermeyer was eighth. Bentley Thompson and Emily Billings completed the top ten in ninth and tenth respectively. Bandolero heat races were won by Cole Kurth and Penn Sauter and Sauter was also the fastest qualifier with a lap time of 14.554 seconds.

Pro Late Models – Feature 50 Laps 1. 72H-Mike Held , Hartford, WI[1], 2. 28B-Jesse Bernhagen , Willard, WI[8], 3. 01G-Ryan Gutknecht , Oak Creek, WI[6], 4. 55S-Tyler Schley , Colgate, WI[3], 5. 99B-Tom Berens , Slinger, WI[7], 6. 16D-Mitchell Delcamp , Germantown, WI[9], 7. 6H-Jakob Hassler , Colgate, WI[4], 8. 21S-Scott Shambeau , Milwaukee, WI[5], 9. 91T-Cole Thomas , Germantown, WI[14], 10. 3H-Tyler Hromadka , Colgate, WI[10], 11. 61E-Jerry Eckhardt , Johnson Creek, WI[11], 12. 31B-Billy Braun , Wales, WI[2], 13. 27B-Jeremy Bentz , Fox Lake, IL[13], 14. 90K-Garrett Konrath , West Bend, WI[12]

Bandoleros – Feature 15 Laps 1. 5S-Penn Sauter , Deforest, WI[10], 2. 29O-Axel Oldenhoff , Lake Mills, WI[2], 3. 11S-Carter Stein , Germantown, WI[4], 4. 7J-Harley Johnson , Ixonia, WI[6], 5. 000J-Lincoln Johnson , Ixonia, WI[9], 6. 8J-Jayden Johnson , Ixonia, WI[8], 7. 85K-Cole Kurth , Wisconsin Rapids, WI[3], 8. 93O-Mason Obermeyer , Union Grove, WI[5], 9. 22T-Bentley Thompson , West Salem, WI[7], 10. 10B-Emily Billings , Waterloo, WI[14], 11. 4B-Wesley Baumeister , Beloit, WI[12], 12. 27E-Paegan Ellingson , Watertown, WI[1], 13. 44O-Markus Obermeyer , Union Grove, WI[15], 14. 76W-Oliver Weinkauf , Merrill, WI[11], 15. 707G-Hunter Graham , West Bend, WI[13]

Legends – Feature 25 Laps 1. 12B-Ayrton Brockhouse , Shakopee, MN[10], 2. 27S-Dillon Schwanbeck , Poynette, WI[9], 3. 5C-Lincoln Cain , Slinger, WI[6], 4. 18B-Ayden Brockhouse , Shakopee, MN[8], 5. 03S-Darrell Stewart , Arvada, CO[7], 6. 51H-Alex Hartwig , Portage, WI[5], 7. 7M-Benjamin Massman , East Troy, WI[4], 8. 67P-Spencer Polacek , New Berlin, WI[1], 9. 18L-Ryan Laatsch , Milton, WI[2], 10. 11S-Jacob Stark , Palmyra, WI[11], 11. 24S-Gage Schmidt , Elk River, MN[3], 12. 20G-Zach Geiger , South St. Paul, MN[12], 13. 51S-Marty Sokolik , Oakfield, WI[15], 14. 97B-Jacob Baker , Saint Paul, MN[14], 15. 76W-Mark Wellman , Slinger, WI[13]

Slinger Bees – Feature 25 Laps 1. 10G-Ricky Gebhard Jr, Oconomowoc, WI[7], 2. 11M-Brandon Mennicke , Slinger, WI[4], 3. 33E-Tom Elsinger Jr, Germantown, WI[10], 4. 20K-Travis Kreuser , West Bend, WI[13], 5. 52L-Dylan Lemberger , Menomonee Falls, WI[2], 6. 19B-Misty Benn , Lisbon, WI[9], 7. 3C-Jason Clope , Racine, WI[6], 8. 20X-Kendall Becker , Hartford, WI[3], 9. 23SBrian Stanczyk , West Bend, WI[14], 10. 08W-Matthew Wandrey , Germantown, WI[12], 11. [DNS]33T-Tom Elsinger Sr, West Bend, WI[11], 12. [DQ]14S-Albert Strobel , Iron Ridge, WI[1], 13. [DQ]84S-Mitchell Strobel , West Bend, WI[5], 14. [DQ]21E-Scott Emrich Sr, Milwaukee, WI[8]

Modifieds – Feature 20 Laps 1. 87P-Justin Poenitsch , Richfield, WI[4], 2. 45S-Steven Schulz , Lisbon, WI[5], 3. 17O-Nick Ostberg , West Bend, WI[2], 4. 54O-Justin Okruhlica , Jackson, WI[6], 5. 01B-Carl Benn , Lisbon, WI[1], 6. 67J-Vincent Jung , Iron Ridge, WI[3]

-Slinger Speedway Release
-Photo credit: Ron Erstad, Jr.