Michael Hinde Stays Hot with Pro Late World Series Victory

The 17-year-old is two-for-two to start the 2022 season.


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Michael Hinde would not be denied.

Fresh off his first victory at Speedfest last month at Watermelon Capital Speedway, the follow-up act for Hinde was a sheer determination of will that saw the 17-year-old charge from fifth to first in 35 laps to claim an opening night victory in the Pro Late Model World Series of Asphalt at New Smyrna Speedway.

Throughout the first 30 laps, Hunter Wright stayed right on the back bumper of leader Jett Noland but couldn’t force a mistake that would have permitted a clean pass.

At the same time, Hinde methodically charged throughout the top-five. It took him 12 laps but Hinde finally shoved his way past Conner Jones after a lengthy battle for third, but it also used up the right front bumper.

From there, Hinde was a tenth faster with a clean track and spent the next 10 laps reeling down the leaders. He caught them with seven to go and immediately drove under Wright and took the lead from Noland a lap later.

"It was crazy," Hinde said. "I was even sure I would have a chance at the podium with 15 laps to go. With 10 to go, I started to make my moves and it looked like they burned their stuff up racing for the win.

"I switched the flip and just had more in the tank."

Meanwhile, both Noland and Wright knew Hinde was coming and was putting together some impressive lap times, but neither could take control of the race and ease the pressure on their tires.

"There wasn't a lot I could have done differently," Noland said. "We were just a little bit too tight, but we have a week to work on it and get it better. It was our first run since the Derby."

Wright said he needed more speed in the center of the corner to help his drive off.

"We could get in great, get off great, but just couldn't get it rotated like we needed," Wright said. "We know the problem and now we get a chance to fix it."

Even though Wright came out on the short end of the podium, he had as much fun racing as fans seemed to watching in the stands.

"It was a blast," Wright said. "I hope fans liked that. Let's get some more out here, some more cars, and maybe we can put on just a little better of a show from our standpoint."

The victory was the second ever for Hinde in a Pro Late Model. He was also the 54th different winner in 99 Pro Late Model races in the World Series of Asphalt. Hinde has been taken under the wing of Stephen Nasse Racing and the results bear that out.

"I can’t thank Stephen Nasse and (crew chief) Chris Cater enough," Hinde said. "I wouldn’t be here without them."

The only caution came at the drop of the green flag when the middle of the field stacked up under the flag stand. The stack up resulted in Toni Breidinger and Sam Fullone crashing without completing a single lap.

2022 World Series of Asphalt
Pro Late Models Race 1

1. Michael Hinde
2. Jett Noland
3. Hunter Wright
4. Conner Jones
5. William Sawalich
6. Gus Dean
7. Giovanni Ruggiero
8. Dakota Stroup
9. Parker Chase
10. Memphis Villarreal
11. Austin Thom
12. Jerry Artuso
13. Jean-Philipe Bergeron
14. Dylan Stovall
15. James Storey
16. Scottie Lamp
17. David Weaver
18. Roger Maynor
19. Mike Mayberry
20. Ruben Caceres
21. Derek Griffith
22. Mathieu Kingsbury
23. Chase Johnson
24. Daryn Miller
25. Cory Hall
26. Daniel Escoto
27. Sam Fullone
28. Toni Breidinger