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Maxima Racing Oils Born to Perform for Racers

Maxima is ramping up its involvement in grassroots short track racing


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Maxima Racing Oils was born out of a desire to outperform others on the track, and it’s that dedication to provide a quality product prepared to stand up to the high-stress environment of competition that makes it a top choice for racers.

Maxima Racing Oils was founded in 1979. From its very beginning, Maxima has been focused on providing top-notch products for racers. Dick Lechien and Roland Reed founded the company after developing an improved lubricant for the motocross endeavors of Dick’s son, Ron Lechien.

Since then, Maxima has expanded its offerings to include a wide variety of lubricants, coolants and more for powersport and performance automotive needs. Maxima first commercialized its automotive offerings in 2012.

Maxima Racing Oils offers engine oils, gear oils, suspension fluids, power steering fluids, coolants, brake fluids and more. Maxima has something to offer from the top professionals to the everyday performance enthusiasts.

At every step, Maxima’s focus is providing the best possible product. For example, Maxima’s engine oils utilize a triple-ester formula, with each ester serving a significant role to increase performance as well as protection for engine parts.

All of Maxima’s engine oils also contain a double-zinc formula. The first zinc activates at lower temperatures, protecting engines during start-up. Once the engine warms up, the second zinc activates, again adding to performance and engine protection while in the heat of battle.

Maxima is also ramping up its involvement in grassroots short track racing. Maxima was a proud partner of Racing America and Track Enterprises for SpeedFest 2022 at Crisp Motorsports Park (GA), and plans to increase its involvement in grassroots events throughout the year.

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