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John Bolen Returns to Montgomery Motor Speedway Victory Lane

The two-time Show Me The Money Series champion scored a popular and elusive win Saturday night at the Alabama half-mile.


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The fans at Montgomery Motor Speedway celebrated a popular and long-awaited win Saturday night as part of the Saturday of Speed Twin 70s for the Show Me the Money Pro Late Model Series. Two-time Show Me the Money champion John Bolen scored his first win in several years during the second race of the evening.

Bolen, who won the Show Me the Money title in 2010 and 2018, took the lead on the seventh lap of the second race and finished ahead of Hunter Robbins and Dawson Sutton.

Bolen finished second in the first Pro Late Model feature earlier in the evening, as well as March’s Alabama 200. On this night, however, Bolen would not be denied a trip to victory lane, his first with the Show Me the Money Series since 2009.

“We’ve ran second, I thought everyone was tired of being the bridesmaid,” said Bolen. “Everybody who works on this car puts a lot of time and effort into it to make the strides to compete with these guys. It’s tough these days. It’s been a while since we’ve won one of these.

“Tony [Eury] Sr. and Jr. are at home this week, they didn’t come this week, but all the guys dug in. We had a good run.”

Hunter Robbins won the first race of the evening and finished second to Bolen in the second race of the night. His Ronnie Sanders Racing No. 18 did not handle as well in the second race of the night, but he was content to finish second to Bolen and pick up two good finishes on the night.

“Our car wouldn’t turn very good there, really from the drop of the green flag,” said Robbins. “We kind of guessed at what we needed to do and came up a little short. I’m happy to bring the car home in one piece, without a scratch. We got a win tonight. I’m happy for John and for them to get a win.”

Robbins led flag-to-flag in the first Pro Late Model feature, followed by Bolen, Christopher Tullis, Gavin Graham and Augie Grill. While Robbins led every lap, Bolen stayed within reach and got a last chance to take the lead with five laps to go after a caution for Bryson Shaffer.

-Photo credit: Daniel Vining


Race #1
  1. Hunter Robbins
  2. John Bolen
  3. Christopher Tullis
  4. Gavin Graham
  5. Augie Grill
  6. Josh Hicks
  7. Jim Wall
  8. Taylor Hull
  9. Chase Spradlin
  10. Cale Hall
  11. Ethan Barker
  12. Hudson Bulger
  13. Jolynn Wilkinson
  14. Dawson Sutton
  15. Luke Yarbrough
  16. Dustin Smith
  17. Bryson Shaffer
  18. Steven Chunn
  19. Johnny Aramendia
  20. Zach Dixon
Race #2
  1. John Bolen
  2. Hunter Robbins
  3. Dawson Sutton
  4. Augie Grill
  5. Gavin Graham
  6. Christopher Tullis
  7. Jim Wall
  8. Cale Hall
  9. Josh Hicks
  10. Luke Yarbrough
  11. Ethan Barker
  12. Hudson Bulger
  13. Jolynn Wilkinson
  14. Steven Chunn
  15. Johnny Aramendia
  16. Taylor Hull
  17. Chase Spradlin
  18. Zach Dixon
  19. Dustin Smith
  20. Bryson Shaffer