Jackson Boone Hopeful to Turn Adversity into Victory at Rattler

The Rattler hasn't been fun and games thus far for Jackson Boone.


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Kinston, AL (March 12, 2022) - His visit to The Rattler hasn’t been full of fun and games for Franklin, Tennessee’s Jackson Boone.

Boone celebrated his twenty-second birthday on Thursday and on that very day his team transporter broke down on the way to South Alabama Speedway traveling from the team headquarters in North Carolina.

Just weeks before, Boone’s World Series of Asphalt at New Smyrna came to a grinding halt three races in, when a cut tire forced his car into the wall, ending the team’s effort for the week with repairs too extensive to make effectively.

The 2019 Pro Late Model champion at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway and runner-up to the track’s 2021 All-American 400, Boone has had large slices of success in his late model career. However, he somewhat humorously chalks his first trip to South Alabama as to somewhat of the norm for his second-year Super Late Model effort with Jamie Yelton’s Fat Head Racing team.

“Well we started off the trip by being late and missing Thursday practice," laughed Boone. “I’m really excited for this race just like any other, but once again I have to change my approach to acclimate to my all too familiar environment of distraction. We’ve once again started the weekend off with bad luck…imagine that!” he exclaimed.

Boone was referring to what he feels has been a series of unfortunate events, out of anyone’s control, that continue to stand in his way to solidly plant his stake in the ground for the 2022 race season.

“Our team’s truck blew a transmission three hours away from the track on Thursday and Bobby Ruese’s team actually stepped up and provided us with a rig to borrow for the weekend just to get the car here. So a huge thanks to Bobby for helping us out.”

“As far as on the track, we battled a miss in the engine on Friday that we finally feel we figured out today. Our qualifying wasn’t the best, but I feel really confident that the car is going to be good under race conditions tomorrow. This is a long race, and I think we have a car and a plan to pull this thing off.”

Boone ran inside the top-3 once he and his team made it to racetrack for Friday open practice, and ultimately found themselves on the outside of row 7, after qualifying 14th this afternoon for tomorrow’s 46th Annual Hardee’s Rattler 250, sanctioned by the Southern Super Series.

“I keep going back and am just like ‘why?’ “Like, when does this stuff ease up? It can’t be this hard every time. But then again, every great athlete and every great team to ever live has had to face adversity.”

“It’s difficult, because it’s easy to lose morale in the moment when everything is going on. But composure is power, and this team has done a fantastic job of keeping its composure every time something goes wrong. The All-American [400] was a perfect example. I can’t even tell you how much went wrong that weekend, from start to finish. Then we almost won the dang race. I feel that we’re capable of that again tomorrow.”

“Either way, I have faith in God and while I don’t like the situations we’ve been in the past few weeks, he has intentionally placed me here and he’s going to intentionally pull me out of it when the time is right. And that I trust in. So my attitude this weekend is ‘be scrappy’ because that’s what it’s going to take to win.”

Jackson Boone and his fellow drivers take the green flag for one of the nation’s highest acclaimed Super Late Model events tomorrow at 2 p.m. CST from South Alabama Speedway located in Kinston, Alabama.

-Jackson Boone Racing Press Release