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Hunter Robbins Claims Second Show Me The Money Win Of The Year

Hunter Robbins was the big winner in Saturday night's Show Me The Money Pro Late Model Feature at Montgomery. Jeremy Mayfield also impressed in the Grand National Super Series.


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Montgomery Motor Speedway hosted the Bring Dad to the Races night on Saturday, June 17th. The night was headlined by the Show Me The Money Pro Late Models as well as a visiting series, the Grand National Super Series.

Hunter Robbins would put together another epic drive through the field, coming from the ninth starting position to score his second Show Me The Money victory of the season. Robbins had to pass Christopher Tullis for the race lead, and with the sun setting towards the end of the race, the Ronnie Sanders Racing car came alive to take the checkered flag.

The race started with the grid being sorted by season points, as qualifying action was rained out. Bryson Shaffer would start up front, but a majority of the race saw Christopher Tullis hold off Augie Grill.

However, neither driver could hold off Hunter Robbins.

“Just kinda had to ride for the first 25-30 laps and then finally got to where we could start picking them off and making our way to the front,” Robbins explained to Racing America after the race. “They had gotten a little over a straightaway ahead of us. Lap traffic started getting heavy, that really helped us.”

When asked about his great weekend after coming off a 2nd place finish at 5 Flags Speedway on Friday night, Robbins said, “We were the fastest car on the track at the end of the race. Felt like we should’ve won last night, but that’s really the only bummer about the whole weekend.

Show Me The Money Pro Late Model Race Results

Pos.No.DriverLapsDiff.Best Lap
118Hunter Robbins100--20.545
212tChristopher Tullis1002.05820.216
343Augie Grill1003.23020.515
491Jim Wall10010.70720.629
526Dawson Sutton10010.91820.822
612sBryson Shaffer10011.06220.232
770Gavin Graham10013.90320.793
825Gavan Boschele10021.37420.770
989fDylan Fetcho991 lap20.615
1035Seth Christensen991 lap20.626
1111Jolynn Wilkinson991 lap20.437
1217Hudson Bulger991 lap20.664
1367aCollin Allman991 lap20.906
1433Dustin Smith991 lap20.470
159cAnthony Cataldi991 lap20.673
1627Chase Spradlin991 lap20.395
1784Steven Chunn991 lap20.475
1871Luke Yarbrough982 laps20.904
1989pAndrew Patterson982 laps20.823
2058Johnny Aramendia973 laps20.774
2162Josh Hicks8713 laps20.706
229hHarrison Halder7624 laps20.984
2351Trey Grimes5446 laps20.870
242John Bolen1882 laps20.909
2567dZach Dixon1486 laps20.542
2638Aiden King0100 laps0.000
274Holt Halder0100 laps0.000

Former NASCAR Star Jeremy Mayfield Continues to Impress in Grand National Super Series

Another notable wheelman of the night was Jeremy Mayfield. The former NASCAR driver won the first of two Grand National Super Series twin 50-lap features. Mayfield would finish 2nd in the second and final GNSS feature after a hard-fought duel with AJ Henriksen, who went on to win. Mayfield even started the Outlaw feature in an impromptu deal with David Jenkins, but unfortunately blew an engine on lap 3.

The Grand National Super Series races had a few cautions that made things tense between the leaders. Race 1 saw the caution flag fly on lap 21, and it was on the ensuing restart that Jeremy Mayfield passed AJ Henriksen for the lead. Race 2 saw a caution come out with 18 to go, but Henriksen held his own to score the victory. It should also be noted that the second GNSS feature was shortened to 40 laps due to time constraints.

“The first race was a little easier. We all started on new tires.” Mayfield told Racing America post-race.

When talking about the second feature, Mayfield said, “[AJ Henriksen] had a better car but we were getting better at the end. Had there been another 10 laps, which it should’ve been 50 instead of 40, then I think we would’ve had him.”

Mayfield also reflected on the Outlaw feature, which ended prematurely for him on lap 3. “We blew a motor. The first time I’d seen the car was here. We’re going to run the same thing in the Snowball Derby, maybe Nashville, so we’ll run several more races with it. It was a good car.”

Grand National Super Series Race 1 Results

Pos.No.DriverLapsDiff.Best Lap
175Jeremy Mayfield50--21.489
279AJ Henriksen504.06521.660
330Jason McDowell5011.12621.641
442yJoe Wilder5011.46021.820
512Cody Dennison491 lap22.606
657Donnie Doster491 lap22.438
738Wesley Scott482 laps22.501
899Dusty Silvers482 laps22.752
947Brian Sosebee473 laps23.121
1077Kevin Kromer3416 laps21.912
1154Mike Kurk2822 laps22.616
1254sBob Schacht446 laps23.062

Grand National Super Series Race 2 Results

Pos.No.DriverLapsDiff.Best Lap
179AJ Henriksen40--21.828
275Jeremy Mayfield400.15021.778
342yJoe Wilder406.34021.964
457Donnie Doster4019.53622.830
599Dusty Silvers391 lap23.047
647Brian Sosebee382 laps23.264
754Mike Kurk382 laps23.271
838Wesley Scott364 laps22.792
930Jason McDowell2119 laps22.098
1054sBob Schacht733 laps23.159
1112Cody Dennison139 laps31.068

Written By: Reid Scott

Photo Credit: Liberty Racing Review / Steve Newbold

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