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HP Elite Racing Engines Penalized by SEAL for Out-of-Spec Crate Engines

HP Elite Racing Engines has been fined and placed on permanent probation for violating SEAL procedures and specifications.


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(Mt. Summit, IN) - Officials with the Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (SEAL) announced penalties to an engine builder today, following their findings of multiple crate engines by the builder being out of spec. Jeff Hamner's HP Elite Racing Engines has been fined $5000 for multiple rebuilt crate engines exceeding the stated compression limit, as well as failing to provide proper documentation for these and other previously built engines, as specified in the builder's agreement. HP Elite Racing Engines must pay the fine, provide the required documentation for all of their engines, and provide a detailed plan to rectify the engines in question and communicate with the SEAL leaders for their approval, by the deadline supplied by SEAL.

HP Elite Racing Engines will also be placed on permanent probation, which means any other violation of SEAL procedures will result in immediate (and permanent) removal from the SEAL Program.
It was a stated goal of the SEAL leaders that all of the steps for reconciliation will be completed without incident, and they will be able to continue their positive working relationship with HP Elite Racing Engines into the future.

Also of note, racers currently utilizing engines from HP Elite Racing Engines will be able to race without carrying additional weight penalties. SEAL reserves the right to enact a weight penalty at their discretion if the mandated reconciliation steps are not taken by HP Elite Racing Engines.

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