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Hoosier Tire Introduces New ST Tire Line

Hoosier Racing Tire unveiled the new ST tire line at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida ahead on Friday at the Snowball Derby.


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Hoosier Racing Tire, the world’s largest manufacturer of racing tires, proudly unveiled the new ST tire line at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola Florida ahead of the Snowball Derby competition.

Launching the new consolidated tire provides oval asphalt competitors with a versatile line that can be used at most tracks or series. Enabling teams to carry less inventory and eliminating the need for constant adjustments for different tracks was the core focus for Hoosier engineers.

"Technology has significantly changed for late model racing in recent years, and with that comes more pressure on the tire's performance and durability than ever before,” stated VP of Sales Paul Menting. “What has worked in the past at different places for many years, may not be the best option anymore, especially with the type of chassis construction and aggressive set-ups used by the race teams today. I am confident that our customers are going to be pleased with these changes that we are leading the industry with."

  • 27/10 ST1 - left side - 2 sizes
  • 27/10 ST2 - right side - 2 sizes - CARS Tour all 4 corners.
  • 27/10 ST3 - right side – 1 size - high wear and high heat tracks.

Features include new approaches and attributes that make ST more consistent and durable, making it a better option for racers and crew chiefs. Incorporating a combination of stagger, will allow teams to use their pre-existing baseline setups at most tracks, with minimal adjustments.

Support for the new Hoosier ST line has garnered praise, with tracks, series and racers all applauding a new common ground and confidence in the seamless adaptation for on-track performance.

“The CARS Tour is excited to begin the 2024 season on the new Hoosier ST2 tire. Hoosier has been a great supporter of the CARS Tour for years,” said Dale Earnhardt Jr., co-owner of the CARS Tour. “We are confident the ST2 will be a solid product for our teams. It’s very similar to the tire we’ve ran in the past years, and I expect the drivers and setups to adapt quickly.

"There is always a lot of conversation around tires, and we know that will never change,” said Tim Bryant, owner of Five Flags Speedway. “But the most common request that we've had from race teams is to get on a common tire for any and all tracks. I think this was a far more difficult task than one might think, and we applaud Hoosier's efforts to make this happen.”

“We at ASA are very proud to be a part of the new ST1, ST2, and ST3 Hoosier Tire program,” said Bob Sargent, President of ASA. “We have been working very hard on a universal tire for our Asphalt Pavement Series and we are excited to work with our tire partner to try and improve our racing and offer the racers a better choice.”

For more information on Hoosier racing tires, contact your nearest Hoosier Racing Tire Distributor. A complete list of locations can be found at www.hoosiertire.com. Follow us on Facebook, X, and Instagram.

-Hoosier Tire Press Release
-Photo credit: Will Bellamy/Racing America

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