Gluchacki, Shaw Score ACT Wins on Easter Bunny Weekend

Derek Gluchacki and D.J. Shaw split the American-Canadian Tour features at Hickory Motor Speedway.


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Fans at Hickory Motor Speedway were treated to a pair of 125-lap races for the American-Canadian Tour (ACT) Late Models on Saturday as part of Easter Bunny Weekend. Derek Gluchacki took the first win of the day, while defending ACT champion D.J. Shaw claimed the checkered flag in the evening session.

Gluchacki won the first 125-lapper of the day for the ACT Late Models at Hickory, but it came under unusual circumstances.

Shaw had dominated the St. Patrick’s Day 125, taking the lead for the first time on lap 31 and pulling away from the field. However, the caution flag flew on lap 111 out of courtesy for a funeral at the cemetery which sits adjacent to the racetrack property.

When the services were completed and engines refired, Derek Gluchacki wrestled the lead away from Shaw after several laps side-by-side and took the checkered flag.

This is not the first time in recent memory Gluchacki has scored an ACT win in a race that featured an unorthodox delay. During last year’s Oxford Plains 125 as part of the Oxford 250 weekend, a power outage in the area plunged the race into darkness. When power was restored and the race resumed, Gluchacki took the win in that race as well.

“No, that’s a first,” said Gluchacki in victory lane. “Had the lights go out, and now we’ve had a funeral. I guess, after the pause, we were pretty good. I tried to save the whole time. I got a little nervous once we had the traffic, but then we had the caution and it paid off. We were able to stretch it out at the end, and hopefully we can keep this momentum in the second one.”

“We didn’t need that last yellow there, but that’s the way it goes sometimes,” said Shaw. “I knew coming to that caution, Derek was really good. I didn’t want to have to fight him off there, but it is what it is. We’ve got to get it a little better on the long run. Hopefully, we’ll be one spot better in the next one.”

Shaw was indeed one spot better in the next one, taking the checkered flag in the Easter Bunny 125 in the evening session. Shaw was plenty excited with the win, but also equal parts gassed after competing in four races over the course of the day.

“I was a little better here in the second race, and I can tell you, I’m wiped out right now,” said Shaw. “It was a long day, and what a sweet way to cap it off.

“It’s a good start to the ACT season for us. I’m looking forward to getting the rest of the season started. Hopefully, we can turn the PASS deal around in time for the points season to count.”

Jason Corliss finished second to close out the night, improving from ninth in the first race of the evening as he worked out a new race car to start out the season.

“We busted out a new Port City Race Car here,” said Corliss. “Anything new takes a little bit of work and adjustment. Thanks to everybody on this team and Port City Race Car for all the hard work. It finally feels good to end the week with a race car we could compete with. It was a lot of fun.”

The most improved performance of the night goes to Jamie Swallow, Jr., who finished last in the afternoon session due to a mechanical issue but scored a third-place finish in the Easter Bunny 125.

“This is a long time coming, I think,” said Swallow. “We’ve been fast at places, short run, long run, but we’ve never been able to get the car good on the real long run. We tried some stuff and it seems to be working. We’re happy.”

St. Patrick's Day 125

1. Derek Gluchacki
2. D.J. Shaw
3. Jimmy Renfrew
4. Kasey Beattie
5. Jean-Phillippe Bergeron
6. Quinny Welch
7. Andrew Molleur
8. Tom Carey III
9. Jason Corliss
10. Nick Johnson
11. Bryan Wall, Jr.
12. Eric St. Gelais
13. Ricky Bly
14. Christian LaFlamme
15. Jordan Hadley
16. Keegan Lamson
17. Mike Hopkins
18. Patrick Laperle
19. Jacob Burns
20. Austin Erickson
21. Jake Johnson
22. Marcel Gravel
23. Dany Trepanier
24. Dominic Curit
25. Cole Littlewood
26. Jamie Swallow, Jr.

Easter Bunny 125

1. D.J. Shaw
2. Jason Corliss
3. Jamie Swallow, Jr.
4. Marcel Gravel
5. Jimmy Renfrew
6. Jake Johnson
7. Patrick Laperle
8. Derek Gluchacki
9. Quinny Welch
10. Kasey Beattie
11. Jean-Phillippe Bergeron
12. Nick Johnson
13. Andrew Molleur
14. Jacob Burns
15. Austin Erickson
16. Jordan Hadley
17. Keegan Lamson
18. Christian LaFlamme
19. Dominic Curit
20. Eric St. Gelais
21. Cole Littlewood
22. Mike Hopkins
23. Tom Carey III
24. Ricky Bly