Giovanni Ruggiero Leads Wire-to-Wire in CARS Tour Debut

It's the first CARS Tour win for Anthony Campi Racing.


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The first CARS Pro Late Model Tour appearance for Giovanni Ruggiero was equal parts conventional and unconventional.

Ruggiero did not make a single mistake after qualifying his No. 81 Anthony Campi Racing Ford on the pole at Greenville-Pickens Speedway, as he led every single lap before a power outage brought the Pro Late Model Tour feature to a premature end after 87 laps.

“We were riding down the backstretch and all of a sudden, we couldn’t see that well,” Ruggiero said. “It’s unfortunate that’s how the race ended but it is what it is. We had such a fast car all weekend and really dominated, so I have to give a big thanks to Anthony Campi and everyone who helps on the car.”

Ruggiero anticipated that the Puryear Tank Lines 255 at Greenville-Pickens would involve plenty of trial and error, as he had never seen the facility prior to the weekend.

Instead of enduring struggles, Ruggiero immediately got comfortable with his car and posted the fastest lap in each of the two practice sessions. Ruggiero’s speed carried over into what became an 87-lap feature, with his only challenge coming from Caden Kvapil on a mid-race restart.

Ruggiero said that his solid year, which also includes a Pro Late Model win in the World Series of Asphalt at New Smyrna Speedway, would not be possible without the commitment Campi puts in towards ensuring that he has all of the essentials to be competitive each and every week.

“During the race, we just checked out,” Ruggiero said. “The car was feeling really good all weekend and the balance was always right. Anthony and everyone else on the team just worked really hard to make those positive changes.”

Following three consecutive combination events, the CARS Pro Late Model Tour will get a month-long break before returning to action at Franklin County Speedway on May 21.

  1. 81 Giovanni Ruggiero
  2. 35 Caden Kvapil
  3. 6 Brandon Setzer
  4. 96 Luke Fenhaus
  5. 13 Austin MacDonald
  6. 19 Bryan Kruczek
  7. 10 Steve Dorer
  8. 55 Charlie Keeven
  9. 1 Kody King
  10. 77 Logan Jones
  11. 15 Tanner Carter
  12. 51 Mason Maggio
  13. 24c Penn Crim – OUT
  14. 27 Lee Tissot – OUT