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Fortune Favors Sawalich in Sixth CARS Pro Late Win

The Setzer Development No. 6 remains elite in the Mid-Atlantic.


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Most of the 2022 CARS PLM Tour season has seen William Sawalich earn one stress-free victory after another.

The Commonwealth 225 was a different story for Sawalich. Rather than dominating the race, Sawalich had to patiently work his way back towards the front following early contact before ultimately adding another triumph to his growing resume.

“I have to thank [Dennis and Brandon Setzer] for giving me another great car,” Sawalich said. “We got shuffled back on that one restart and got loose under [Ryan Moore], but we rebounded well and took home a checkered flag.”

Sawalich said what happened between him and Moore was simply a racing incident. He knew he could not linger on the situation for long and had to keep knocking off quick lap times so he could chase down Moore and Crews.

The intense fight between the leaders ended with Crews getting turned into the inside the wall on the frontstretch while Moore ended up getting sent into the outside retaining wall. Sawalich saw the crash happen right in front of him, but he inherited the race lead after narrowly avoiding both cars.

While the journey to victory lane was a little more stressful for him, Sawalich never doubted in the ability of himself or the car to excel and is confident that one more celebration is in store for his team at the North-South Shootout at Caraway Speedway on Nov. 5.

“This has been such a great year,” Sawalich said. “I’m looking at Caraway right now, so hopefully we can get another checkered flag there. That wasn’t one of our best races earlier this year, but I know the Setzers are going to bring me another great car. We just need to get it a little looser on the long run.”

CARS Tour Commonwealth Clash 100
South Boston Speedway
October 22 2022

  1. 6 William Sawalich
  2. 96 Luke Fenhaus
  3. 13 Austin MacDonald
  4. 24K Buddy Kofoid
  5. 29 Nick Loden
  6. 35 Caden Kvapil
  7. 1 Kody King
  8. 74 Ryan Moore
  9. 77 Logan Jones
  10. 8 Rusty Skewes
  11. 49 Luke Morey
  12. 24C Brent Crews – OUT
  13. 24P Penn Crim – OUT