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Carson Hocevar Launching Late Model Program, Tabs First Driver

Third-generation racer Chase Pinsonneault will join forces with NASCAR star Carson Hocevar under the newly minted Carson Hocevar Racing banner for the 2024 season.


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After impressing in Delaware Speedway’s weekly Pro Late Model division and touring Ontario with the APC United Late Model Series in 2023, third-generation racer Chase Pinsonneault will join forces with NASCAR star Carson Hocevar under the newly minted Carson Hocevar Racing banner for the 2024 season.

Pinsonneault will open his season in a CHR-prepared Pro Late Model, chasing events across the Midwest and Southeastern United States, with the goal of eventually transitioning to Super Late Model competition later in the season.

“Having this chance to continue my progression as a driver is an amazing opportunity,” says Pinsonneault. “The fact that Carson (Hocevar) and his team see potential in me is a huge confidence booster. I’ve got to work with them a little already in testing and it really does feel like they’ve built a program strong enough to succeed anywhere we go”

Carson Hocevar Racing Team Manager and Crew Chief Zach Dunson sees a bright future ahead for Pinsonneault and is excited to get to work with the rising star.

“Carson and I are both very excited for the next chapter of Carson Hocevar Racing. We’ve both watched a lot of Chase’s race footage from the 2023 season and you can see just how much raw talent he has”

“He’s a very respectful young man and his family has been in the Motorsports industry for generations, which makes them incredibly knowledgeable on what it takes to be successful”

“Carson and I have talked about doing a development deal for a couple years now,” continues Dunson. “Having him sign a multi-year (NASCAR) Cup deal was the perfect time to start developing a new talent”

“I’ve been racing with Carson since he was 12-years old and all that time together has allowed us to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and - at the end of the day - your program’s strength is built from how you rebound from the bad days and how you leap forward from the good ones”

Pinsonneault sees a chance to learn from Hocevar as a way to grow as a competitor - both on and off the track.

“I’m incredibly excited to get to work with Carson,” says the Belle River, ON native. “He’s a wheelman and I’m really happy to have the chance to learn from him and just continue to refine my craft and grow as a racer”

“I’ve been dreaming of this type of chance from the moment I watched my first race. I’m ready to take on the challenge. I’m excited to race against some of the best in Late Model racing. Guys like Bubba Pollard who I’ve watched my entire life. I can’t wait to see how I stack up”

While 2024 sees Pinsonneault competing exclusively in the US, Pinsonneault & CHR have already had the opportunity to begin building their relationship at the CHR shop in Michigan.

“We’ve tested with Chase three times this Fall,” says Dunson. “The number one thing that stuck with me is how much info you can pack into Chase - and he just absorbs it like a sponge”

“Every time we stopped for a major change in setup, Chase was immediately right under the car with us to ask questions and understand the next moves we were going to make”

Pinsonneault is set to make his CHR debut January 20th at Speedfest at Crisp Motorsports Park in Cordele Georgia & is ready to begin learning from Hocevar as soon as possible.

“Just being around Carson and his team is going to give me a chance to polish up how I approach racing,” explains Pinsonneault. “From what I’ve seen, our driving styles are very similar. I’m ready to get started. I can’t wait for this to get rolling”

For more information on Speedfest at Crisp Motorsports Park, visit www.crispmotorsportspark.com.

-Carson Hocevar Racing Press Release
-Photo credit: Will Bellamy/Racing America

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