Birch Run Announces Bonus Opportunity for All-Stars Tour Triple Crown

Big money will be on the line for JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour competitors at Birch Run.


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Birch Run Mi- Birch Run Speedway officials are proud to announce the following release: The Birch Run Speedway and VanDoorn Racing Development have joined together to provide a new Bonus Program to competitors in Birch Run Speedways Triple Crown Series of races with the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour. Birch Run General Manager Jason Lord had this to say about the new program “I am excited to bring the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Template Late Models back to Birch Run for the 2022 Season. In fact, we had so much fun last year, we’re bringing them back 3 times AND offering a bonus for the winner of the first race. If the winner of the first race elects on the second event to start tail on the field (24th), and wins the 2nd event, that bonus will pay $7000 Bonus Money. If they then elect on the 3rd event elect to start on the tail of the event, if they win, they’ll win a $25,000 bonus. That’s an opportunity for $32,000 in bonus winnings for the winner of the Triple Crown Series!”

There is more to this series of events than just bonus! The top 3 overall finishers in the Triple Crown Series will receive 1st: $2500, 2nd: $1250 3rd: $1000 at The Birch Run Speedway Champions Banquet in the Fall of 2022! - Birch Run Speedway Motorsports Director Jeff Parish had this to say about the program - “The thing that I like about it is the thought that has to go in the attempt. If the driver wins the first event at Birch Run, they already are leading the points series in our Triple Crown Points. Will he go for it all and start tail on the next race? Could a 6th place car finishing 2nd two more times win our Series within the series? Whichever path the winner chooses will speak volumes about the belief they have in their program, their team and themselves. In racing there is always pressure to perform. In Late Model tour racing you have some very talented crew chiefs and crews sorting these chassis. It’s not a cakewalk to win. You have to earn it. I love the challenge element of all of this”. John VanDoorn approached Birch Run in the fall about doing something special with the purse. “I like the program structured like this because multiple teams get some benefit for performance! It will be a benchmark for performance to be measured by!”

Birch Run Speedway is committed to bringing our fans, and our competitors the best that racing in the Midwest has to offer. Come and join us in 2022 and see what all the buzz is about!

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